Korean wedding traditions and customs
This country, though, and is with us on the same continent, remains a mystery. Today the site nashasvadba a little reveal for you the mystery of this country and tell how…

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Medicine in Korea: to rest and to improve health
In recent years, many travelers have started to combine business with pleasure, going to overseas countries with two objectives: to get acquainted with the culture of the country and to…

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Culture, traditions and customs of Turkey. • Turkey • Asia • Countries

In Turkey the relations between the sexes have prints of Muslim traditions. Although by law women and men are equal, Turkish women in the society still occupy a secondary position. Women in Turkey are obliged to be faithful wives and caring mothers. To go to work is permitted only if the husband agree.

So far in the provinces you can meet up with polygamy. One husband in some villages may be about six spouse. In such a family the house is divided into two halves: male and female. While each wife should have their own room. The husband is obliged to give gifts and to pay attention equally to each spouse. Any woman can keep his farm, which is a kind of independence.

To go to the mosque decided to close the legs to the knees and no shoes. Women are expected to cover the head. During prayers to mosques are not supposed to not distract the faithful.

The Turks pay great attention to Muslim rituals and ceremonies. Every boy in years 7-12 is held the rite of circumcision, while his parents are preparing for this like for a great holiday. After passing the rite the boy becomes a full member of the community of Muslims.

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Korea: the Korean hospitality through the eyes of Koreans and foreigners

“Supplement and snacks at an additional cost” – shares his experience of the writer Pak sun Mi after visiting Japan.

The same trend is observed in the most populous country in the world – China.

In Korea, the same free replacement supplements and snacks in the restaurant (if ordering one or two main dishes) – it is a fact.

No tips! If in most Asian countries this rule, just accept it, but in Korea at the lack of tips don’t take offense, because not wait.

Travelers who attempt to leave a tip, chasing the restaurant staff with one goal: to return the money! Which is not true of the United States, where customers are chasing, if the tip is not large enough.

Mountaineering instructor Kang sung Wu, who often visits her sister in Virginia, is astonished: “ Every time I pay for the drinks at the bar in the U.S., the bartender asks if I need a change. Why should I give to someone?!”.

In Korea its legitimate surrender do not need to ask, and tips we have already spoken.

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Center for medical tourism in South Korea – Bona Medical Treatment in Korea

Cure in Korea

Medicine in Korea is intensively and successfully developed in the past fifteen years, and is now considered one of the best in the world.

Since the beginning of 2009 all public clinics in South Korea, with government support, began to focus on providing medical services to foreign patients .

Therefore, in hospitals there are special primary admissions departments, wards and health centres . with staff speaking English and other languages that accompany foreign patients and coordinate their treatment in Korean hospitals. Medical center offers you Bona Venture support and coordination of health services in the Russian language in any clinic in South Korea.

Also in the Republic of Korea to facilitate the entrance were introduced special medical visas for up to 1 year. Bona Venture will help you with getting medical visas. Such organization of activity of medical institutions and its strict control of the state gave an additional guarantee of high quality medical services .

Treatment in Korea today – is receiving medical services from highly qualified specialists using the latest technologies in well equipped medical centres.

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