Emigration to Asia from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Kiev
Emigration to Asia (Asia Emigration) from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. Services immigration lawyer in Dnepropetrovsk. Our long experience of cooperation with foreign companies allows us to provide legal assistance for emigration abroad.…

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a unified Korea - information-analytical portal
How to actually serve as soldiers-celebrities? OneKorea— Military service in South Korea is compulsory for all men over the age of 18 years, the lifetime, depending on the type of…

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Festival of Korean art

25 in August «the Theatrarium on Serpukhovka” artists of the National dance troupe of Korea presented a song from the best Korean traditional dance in a contemporary setting under the straightforward title “Korean fantasy”. In these views reflects all the characteristic features of Korean dance and mentality: calm and tranquility combined with the power and energy. Plunging the audience into the mysterious charm of the atmosphere of the East, by his dancing skills and colourful costumes, the dancers Express the historically instilled in them a nagging feeling of sadness and at the same time – love of life, the philosophical ability to perceive its complexity through the prism of humor.

National dance troupe of South Korea there are already forty-five years, supporting, developing and disseminating the national traditions of dance and engaging the best artists of the country. Artistic Director of the troupe – BAE Zun Hae. Being one of the best Korean dancers and choreographers, she knows the art of traditional and modern dances, ballet and creative dance. At the same time she directs the National Institute of classical music and several Continue reading

Travel Korea

the Republic of Korea (informal name of the country, widely used in Russian-language press — South Korea) occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and numerous Islands. The largest is Jeju island located at the extreme southern tip of the Peninsula. Washed by the waters of Japan and the Yellow sea, the South — Korean Strait.

One of the places that are well worth visiting while travelling in Korea, can be called Ulsan is a city located in South Korea, in its South-Eastern part. This port city, one of the largest industrial cities in Korean.

Speaking of Ulsan, it is impossible not to mention that here comes out from the conveyor so popular among Russian motorists the products of famous corporations Hyundai, or a Hyundai, as they say. This engineering giant is owned and shipyard, located in Ulsan.

Even among the industrial attractions of the city can be called one of the world’s largest oil refineries, a plant producing mineral fertilizers. The two ports emphasizes the industrial side of town. Excellent prospects are opening up for fans of industrial tourism!

One of the oldest lighthouses in the country — a beacon of Ulgi. When visiting the lighthouses Ulsan guide will tell the tourists about the fascinating history of the evolution of the local lighthouses from the first Continue reading

Korea: the Korean hospitality through the eyes of Koreans and foreigners

“Supplement and snacks at an additional cost” – shares his experience of the writer Pak sun Mi after visiting Japan.

The same trend is observed in the most populous country in the world – China.

In Korea, the same free replacement supplements and snacks in the restaurant (if ordering one or two main dishes) – it is a fact.

No tips! If in most Asian countries this rule, just accept it, but in Korea at the lack of tips don’t take offense, because not wait.

Travelers who attempt to leave a tip, chasing the restaurant staff with one goal: to return the money! Which is not true of the United States, where customers are chasing, if the tip is not large enough.

Mountaineering instructor Kang sung Wu, who often visits her sister in Virginia, is astonished: “ Every time I pay for the drinks at the bar in the U.S., the bartender asks if I need a change. Why should I give to someone?!”.

In Korea its legitimate surrender do not need to ask, and tips we have already spoken.

Another nice tourist feature: often you do not simply get laid the change, but also additional bonuses. For example, taxi drivers in Korea during the period 12 midnight to 6 am reduces standard Continue reading