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Korean wedding traditions and customs

This country, though, and is with us on the same continent, remains a mystery. Today the site nashasvadba a little reveal for you the mystery of this country and tell how looks Korean wedding .


Koreans Genetica

Matchmaking has always been considered in Korea’s case the older kind. But today, when the young decide to get married, first go to the parents. Upon hearing the happy news, the groom’s parents take the local vodka and the chicken and go to the bride’s house to ceremony josemari. Parents of the bride for the order is denied several times before to invite a matchmaker to the house. It is believed that the number of failures only egged the two men and raises the price of the bride.

When the envoys of the groom finally entered the house, the negotiations begin between the parents and wedding planning.


The so-called second stage of courtship. Attended by all close relatives of the bride. The girl’s parents invite everyone to a gala dinner, and when everyone gathered at the table, “suddenly” come into the house of the groom’s parents with gifts. Each relative of the bride should get the gift. so he can bless future marriage. After the ceremony of scrapes the two parties begin to plan your wedding budget and allocate responsibilities.

Preparation in the groom’s house

The advice of older

The groom on the wedding day gathers in her house all the relatives to thank them for raising and ask for blessings on the marriage. The young man must listen carefully to all the teachings of elders and only after that to go to the bride. In the car he sits not alone, but together with “Wuxi” — an odd number chosen family who will help him with the bride.

Preparation at the bride’s home

The bride and relatives of the morning setting the table and waiting for the bridegroom, not touching the food. After the arrival of the bridegroom enters the house and sits to the left of the future wife. Parents of the bride should stand in front and take treats from the hands of the son-in-law. Bringing the glass to the father-in-law, the groom thanks him for raising her daughter and agrees to take care of her all my life. Parents of the bride to thank the bride and make the last orders of the daughter to be obedient to her husband and respect him.

After that the girl’s parents convey Wuxi dowry. The embroidered dowry placed in bags and loaded in the car. The bride says goodbye to the parental home and accompanied by a retinue sits in the tuple.


The guests congratulated the young

The car with the newlyweds arrives a few meters to the groom’s home and stops. On with songs and dances it should push to the gate of the groom’s relatives, the last car with the young pushing the groom’s parents.

The feast begins with congratulations of the guests, the groom and the bride should bring her a glass of wine. Also at the wedding ceremony the bride and groom do not have a rest and receive signs of attention to parents. Father and father-in-law of the bride throughout the Banquet is obliged to pour wine and offer food, the same duties have the groom in front of his mother and mother of the bride.

For the couple are preparing a separate dish. are not repeated in the menu guests. The leftovers from the table of the newlyweds is not discarded and buried in the yard or in the garden.

Compliance with all of the wedding traditions is very important not only for Korean but also for our newlyweds. Therefore, you will certainly be an interesting article Wedding dress in the Ukrainian style: luxury national traditions