Korea: the Korean hospitality through the eyes of Koreans and foreigners

“Supplement and snacks at an additional cost” – shares his experience of the writer Pak sun Mi after visiting Japan.

The same trend is observed in the most populous country in the world – China.

In Korea, the same free replacement supplements and snacks in the restaurant (if ordering one or two main dishes) – it is a fact.

No tips! If in most Asian countries this rule, just accept it, but in Korea at the lack of tips don’t take offense, because not wait.

Travelers who attempt to leave a tip, chasing the restaurant staff with one goal: to return the money! Which is not true of the United States, where customers are chasing, if the tip is not large enough.

Mountaineering instructor Kang sung Wu, who often visits her sister in Virginia, is astonished: “ Every time I pay for the drinks at the bar in the U.S., the bartender asks if I need a change. Why should I give to someone?!”.

In Korea its legitimate surrender do not need to ask, and tips we have already spoken.

Another nice tourist feature: often you do not simply get laid the change, but also additional bonuses. For example, taxi drivers in Korea during the period 12 midnight to 6 am reduces standard fee of 7,200 won (6$) to 7,000 won. Without a doubt, South Korea is the only country in the world where taxi drivers leave passengers tip.

So tipping is not accepted in Korea that a request for the translation of the word “tip” in English-Korean electronic dictionary on Naver, the largest search engine in the country does not give any result!

Anna Mason, the Australian, temporarily residing in South Korea, notes with regret: “ No matter where we go, we always offer a discount or bonuses. I’m really gonna miss this pleasant national characteristics”.

To the question “do You Know the country in which the snacks at the table constantly free update?”, The cattle are Wild, a tour operator specializing in Southeast Asia, replied that he did not know of any country with a similar tradition.

But, unfortunately, “ the days of free snacks” in Korea may be considered because of the constantly rising prices for fresh vegetables.

Some restaurants in Seoul have already begun to take a nominal fee of 1,000 won (90 cents) for renewal of snacks. Fortunately for tourists, most of the restaurant owners refused to change the longstanding tradition of the Korean hospitality and a fee for snacks.

Many explain the failure of restaurateurs to take money for snacks is very simple: “the Koreans just can’t be good capitalists”. A fragment of one of the local English Newspapers says the “the Koreans must learn to love money”.

Dave Pearce, a U.S. citizen who tried to buy a computer in a shopping center Hewlett-Packardв city of Donghae, shares his experience: “the Salesman urged me to buy last year’s model, as it is cheaper. But I didn’t ask for cheap computer. My goal was to purchase the latest and best model. I was under the impression that he could not understand a simple truth: sometimes people just want to spend the money and have fun, not to save”.