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Wine Korea

South Korea cannot be called a state with a long tradition of winemaking. The people of this country prefer to consume stronger drinks or beer. And yet, the wine industry every year more and more interested in local producers.

In this regard, the country has been quite often to organize various events, devoted to wine production. There are even wine tours, which offer visitors access to museums and galleries. Such a place exists in the city of Sacheon. This place is located in the underground tunnel. There you can not only taste and buy local wine, but also to admire the unusual sculptures, made of empty wine containers.

In the district Yondon in early October every year wine festivals. Close to where you hold events, is a fairly large wine company – WineKoreaInc. These celebrations are held on a large scale. The entertainment program also includes a wine auction, where anyone can buy a drink of local production.

Although the wine is not popular in South Korea, but on her site it always did. About it you can find mention in ancient documents.

Wine making in Korea, only vaguely reminiscent of the classic. But this does not mean that the technology itself is broken. The main difference is the raw material that is used for this purpose. In Korea grape wine produced only in one region – the Yondon. But with regard to other regions, there you can find very exotic options.

Korean wines are loved by those who like to experiment.

The most popular traditional drink is rice wine, which in other countries is mistaken for vodka.

This rice wine in Korea is called makkoli or takju. Its strength is 7%. This sweet drink is clear in appearance. Its composition includes only water and rice, fermented in a special way. Another kind of rice wine called avago, which translates as «wine from flowers of pear trees”. Despite the name, this drink is produced from the same rice, just add malt that had fermented during the pear blossom.

This country boasts a large range of fruit wines. Where the basis is the same makgale. For example, rice drink, podogo, mixed with grapes, and polunga – with raspberries. Also as additives can be used quince, cherry or pomegranate. These wines are quite strong and contain up to 15% alcohol.

In Korea is also very common flower wine. They also belong to the traditional. Here are in progress and the flowers of the peach, and acacia, honeysuckle, wild rose hips and chrysanthemums. The most popular wine from the petals of azaleas, which strength is 21%. It has high viscosity and strong sweetness. The South Korean government considers this drink of an important intangible cultural heritage of the country.

Korean wines are the creation of local residents, and it is undoubtedly worthy of respect and attention, despite all the differences from the conventional ideas about such drinks.

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