The Rite: Korea - Picture 22506-29
Ceremony: Korea. In Korea on the day of the wedding the groom handed the bride's parents wooden duck, wrapped, with the exception of the head, in a red shawl. Wild…

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Month celebrations, culinary traditions of Malaysia "Great Food Malaysia". Tourism and rest in Asia: reviews, guides, news. Thailand, China, Egypt, India, Tawain, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore
The hotel Shangri-La in Kuala Lumpur began a month of celebrations in honor of the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia "Great Food Malaysia". The first part of celebrations already held…

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The culture festival of the countries of the Great silk Road

The Fund Forum participated at the Festival of culture of the countries of the Great silk Road, which passed from 26 to 30 November in Seoul (Republic of Korea). The organizers of the Festival – Cultural center of Korea Foundation, the Foundation of the silk road, national Museum of Korea. The Festival was attended by all the countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and the Republic of Korea.

The festival was preceded by an exhibition of photographs «Central Asia, celebrated by poets” . lasting from 10 to 21 November, and presented visitors with 190 photographs depicting the traditions, customs and everyday life of residents of the region.

The program of the Festival included performances of the national ensembles of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, duet performance of the song “love Dance” Uzbek traditional wind instrument “Nai” and Korean traditional bagpipes «hagem”.

The Festival programme included two workshops. November 27 – ” Cultural exchange between Korea and Central Asia” . during which the participants were able to discuss the historical ties between the countries and the prospects for further deepening cooperation in the field of art and culture. November 28 – the “Production of traditional Korean and Samarkand paper” . Korean “bigots” and the Samarkand paper, which are based on silk fabric. The seminar provided an opportunity to trace the history and development of paper production in both regions. As you know, Samarkand as a center of paper production on the Great Silk Road, played a crucial role in the spread of paper in the West.

Holiday national costume on November 28, became the Central event of the Festival began with a colourful dance numbers accompanied by live performance music Korean Royal court of centuries past. Each participating country presented their national costumes, which reflect all the colors of Central Asia. Uzbekistan provided 8 diverse collections of traditional and modern national costumes, which were enthusiastically received by the public, due to its individuality and innovation. Designers collections participated in the national dress Festival, which crowned a Week of design and fashion and caused a great resonance among people, people for whom fashion is not a profession but a way of life: the great Japanese couturier Kenzo Takada, designers famous French fashion house Guy Laroche, Russian designers Denis Simachev and Elena Yarmak, the editor and correspondents of fashion magazines.

Overall, the project aimed to expand the views of the residents of Seoul and visitors about the diversity of Uzbek culture-from unique technology of making paper, music and dancing to the modern trends in the development of the national costume.

Culinary traditions of Korea. Kimpap, sticks and Nantes
Koreans consider themselves happy people. Probably because Murphy's law doesn't work. Sandwiches in Korea ever oil not falling down because no oil, no them, no they are not. And Yes,…


Your opinion: Features of development of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America in the first half of the 20th century
he countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America — the way of development in the 20th century Most of the countries of Asia and Africa in the early 20th century…

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