The Rite: Korea - Picture 22506-29
Ceremony: Korea. In Korea on the day of the wedding the groom handed the bride's parents wooden duck, wrapped, with the exception of the head, in a red shawl. Wild…

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The Pearl South Korea
South Korea – a country of amazing contrasts, full of mysterious beauty and charm. The country is truly unique and inimitable, - enough, for example, to mention such a fact…

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Christmas traditions around the world

New year – the international celebration, which is in a particular key definitely is celebrated with various traditions all over the world. Every country, nationality and region has its own peculiarities of celebrating the New year that seem interesting to others, and sometimes even very strange.

Features of the Christmas traditions of Europe

Each European country has its own interesting customs of celebrating this holiday. For example, in Germany it is believed that the long-awaited Santa Claus comes to visit German children on a donkey. That is why before you go to bed on Christmas night, the local children put on the table a plate for gifts, and in your shoes puts hay to feed the donkey and to thank him for what he brought Santa. Here are some interesting new year traditions in Germany.

Italy – the country is also unusual in terms of their traditions. Here, Santa Claus is called Babb Natal, just waiting for him to visit the children. In addition, in this country there is an opinion that in New year you need to join, freed from the burden of old things. Therefore, it is a festive night from the Windows of Italian houses onto the pavements fly all the unnecessary things. The Italians believe that their place must come new.

According to Christmas traditions in France . their local Santa Claus Pere Noel night leaves gifts to children in their shoes. Another interesting point: in birthday cake and hiding a bean, whoever finds it in their dish, all others are required to obey all night. According to English beliefs, the couple that wants to be together all year, definitely a chiming clock have to kiss. English children love the New year, when friends play them for submission to the national stories of ancient tales. England brought to the world the custom to exchange postcards with greetings for the New year.

New year customs in Russia are also diverse. According to them, each house should be a symbol of New year – Christmas tree. Children expect gifts from Santa Claus who wears them in the bag. And helps him in his granddaughter Snegurochka – the character nowhere else in the world. In Russia much attention is paid to a festive feast. New year’s eve on the tables only supposed to be in abundance, otherwise the year will be poor.

For Europeans unusual Christmas traditions around the world

The most exotic traditions of the New year – in Africa, Latin America and Australia. For example, in Kenya a New year is welcomed on the waterfront, because the water should wash away all the troubles and clear for human perception. For the same reason, the Sudanese prefer this night to be near the great Nile. In Latin America the New year is hot, so residents of Brazil, Argentina and other countries on the continent celebrate the event practically naked: in a whirlwind of feathers, rhinestones and ruffles. Just like at the carnival. At this time on the streets, you can see lush festive procession.

In Australia, Santa comes out of the sea foam, like Aphrodite. It looks very exotic in a red cap, a speedo and a beard. The appearance looks spectacular Santa on a surfboard. Fireworks Sydney new year’s eve is one of the brightest and largest in the world.

In Cuba the clock strikes 12, but only 11 times. The reason is very simple: Cubans believe that in the New year need to relax, and this applies not only to people, but also on the chimes.

Very very unusual and exotic way to celebrate the New year in Asia . In addition, in many local calendars New year arrives much later – in February or even spring. This is due to there adopted a lunar calendar. However, the world festival are also celebrated here, although it is designed rather for tourists.