Center for medical tourism in South Korea - Bona Medical Treatment in Korea
Cure in Korea Medicine in Korea is intensively and successfully developed in the past fifteen years, and is now considered one of the best in the world. Since the beginning…

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Tea culture of Korea
Tea culture Korea has a long history. In "Historical notes of the Three kingdoms" ("Samguk Saga"), written by order of the king in 1145 year in the era of the…

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The new 7 wonders of nature

A competition to identify the most ambitious of the seven natural wonders of the planet started already in December 2007. Announcement of winners took place on 11 November 2011. The definition of the new wonders of nature have occurred through the world of voting, in which took part more than 100 million people from different countries. Despite the conventions, which involved a competition, the new 7 wonders of nature defined.

Amazon and the Amazon jungle

The world’s largest river in affluent, length and size of the pool. Flows through the territory of 9 countries. At the confluence of the Atlantic ocean, the Amazon river forms the largest Delta in the world, where there is also the world’s largest river island can be reached. The river basin area is equal to the area of Australia. The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world and occupies half of the total area of all tropical forest Land. Extremely high biological diversity of these forests, for example, on one square kilometer 150 000 species of plants.

Details about this wonder of the world in our article — the Amazon River

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Another wonder of nature was recognized Halong Bay in Vietnam. The Bay is a world heritage site by UNESCO. Bay, coastline is 120 kilometres, accommodates more than 3,000 Islands of various sizes. According to the legend, Halong Bay was created by a huge dragon, who carved out numerous valleys and ravines on land his tail. Later these places were filled with water when the dragon decided to dive forever into the sea. Actually, the word «Halong» is translated: «where the dragon descended into the sea». The locals still believe that the Creator of one of the wonders of the world lives in the deep Gulf.

Iguazu falls, Argentina and Brazil

The complex of waterfalls on the Iguazu river is one of the most visited places in South America. The waterfalls are on the border of Argentina and Brazil. As an interesting fact, we note that the falls are moving away from the paraná river by 1-2 meters a year. Thus, over the past thousands of years 17-19 waterfalls «moved» from the original place of stay already at 30 kilometers. The complex width of 2.7 kilometers has about 270 separate waterfalls. The maximum height of the drop of water — 82 meters. Iguazu falls repeatedly became a film set for famous films, for example, «Adventures of Indiana Jones».

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju(Jeju-do) — the largest island of South Korea. Arose during the volcanic eruption a few hundred million years ago. Here is the volcano Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea. The unique nature of the island is under UNESCO protection. An interesting feature of the social structure of society on the island of Jeju is the matriarch. The head of a typical family Jeju city is the Han — professional divers, mining at great depth molluscs, sea urchins and other delicacies.

Komodo national Park, Indonesia

Komodo national Park was founded in 1980 specifically to protect the endangered Komodo monitor lizard. The Park is spread over 603 square kilometres of land and 1214 quadartic kilometers of sea waters, includes 3 larger Islands(Komodo, Rinca, and Padar) and numerous smaller Islands. The Komodo Islands of volcanic origin, which causes a rich variety of local flora and fauna. The symbol of the Park is the Komodo dragon(lizard) — the largest lizard on Earth.

Underground river Puerto Princesa, Philippines

River Puerto Princesa on Palawan island(the Philippines) — the largest underground river in the world. This river flows underground in a cave. Its length is 8 kilometers. For the protection of endangered species, diverse flora and fauna was established national Park.

At this point, table mountain is the symbol of Cape town and attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. With giving it the status of one of the seven new wonders of nature, the popularity will only grow. In honor of table mountain named a constellation in the southern hemisphere. On the slopes of the mountain are rare species of flora and fauna.