Kim Jong – UN is the new leader of North Korea. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries
Apple from the tree... Since the death of Kim Than Ira North Korean media has released a series of photographs of the "Great successor" Kim Jong-UN, in which he visits…

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Wine Korea
South Korea cannot be called a state with a long tradition of winemaking. The people of this country prefer to consume stronger drinks or beer. And yet, the wine industry…

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The Rite: Korea – Picture 22506-29

Ceremony: Korea. In Korea on the day of the wedding the groom handed the bride’s parents wooden duck, wrapped, with the exception of the head, in a red shawl. Wild duck was a symbol of marital fidelity, and the red color of the handkerchief – a sign of joy. After that the groom and the bride come by in the courtyard of the high table, on which was located a prescribed tradition treats and had a symbolic meaning items: rice wine, fruit, candles, blue and red thread, roast chicken or duck. The groom was to the East of the table, and the bride to the West. After that young were exchanging bows and were presented to each other on the glass of rice wine, tied with red thread. At the conclusion of the ritual the young bowed to parents and guests.

Picture 29 of the presentation “Wedding in the East” to the lessons of the holidays on the theme “Wedding”


a summary of other presentations about the wedding

“The wedding” – a Program of pleasant bonuses and discounts from the company “Tabakoff” and the restaurant “the Architect”. “Super offer”. Special offer No. 3. The company and convenient restaurant-club “Architect” are pleased to offer You discounts and bonuses. Special offer No. 4. “Tasty bonus”. The company  gives a nice extra bonus and will consult You on all questions.

“Chinese wedding” – In the first half of the hour to unite a couple in matrimony is not recommended: if you start family life when the clock hands go up, not down, and the whole family life will be held also on the rise. Further, the whole wedding is that the guests try to treat and lead to the small talk.

“A perfect wedding” – Add Your wedding photos in a special section, “Your photo album”. “A perfect wedding”. Mankind, over many centuries, was to come up with a universal scheme for the wedding preparations. The product “the Perfect wedding” will help You to avoid many misunderstandings, worries and stress. A number of the most various instructions, tips and advice will help You make a clear plan of action.

“The history of the Russian wedding” – a Modern wedding. Marriage. The history of the Russian wedding. Bridal shower, parnevik. The end of the wedding. Meeting young. The stages of the wedding ceremony in the village. V. Maximov “a sorcerer arriving at a peasant wedding”. Urban wedding. Complex wedding ceremonies. The adoption of Christianity. Family and family traditions.

“Russian wedding rites” – the Evolution of the Russian wedding ceremony. To make sentences with the words: waltz, procession, the groom, the bride, wedding. Protective exercise: Find what it says about modern Russian wedding ceremony. What Russian rites do You know? The experiment (study). Make sentences with the words: courtship, engagement, wedding, wedding ring.

“Wedding East” – and there was a certain method of packaging such wedding gifts. Japan. Kimono of pure white. Thus. Then the bride and groom bowed to each other. In Japan, the wedding was celebrated in the temple. The Rite: Japan. Korea. However, the bride’s attire with some differences: the Groom was to the East of the table, and the bride to the West.