Culture, traditions and customs of Turkey. • Turkey • Asia • Countries
In Turkey the relations between the sexes have prints of Muslim traditions. Although by law women and men are equal, Turkish women in the society still occupy a secondary position.…

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JAPAN: unusual customs, traditions, rules of conduct
Japanese society is built on the basis of a rigid hierarchy: senior – Junior, boss – employee, parents – children. Therefore, respect for elders, leadership is infinite. Therefore, the Japanese…

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Medicine in Korea: to rest and to improve health

In recent years, many travelers have started to combine business with pleasure, going to overseas countries with two objectives: to get acquainted with the culture of the country and to cure diseases. The popularity regained in medical tourism in recent years among citizens of post-Soviet space, simple enough to explain.

On the one hand, many are not satisfied with the level and quality of domestic medicine, that too is understandable, and this is very effective when treatment and rest abroad are combined in one trip. Every tourist has their own preferences in the choice of countries for medical travel, because every developed country can boast of a good quality of medical services and advances in certain fields of medicine. And one of the countries popular with tourists wanting to get rid of diseases and relax at the same time, is Korea. Annually here come a huge number of tourists from around the world, with the objective of learning more about the history and culture of this unlike many other countries, States, and see firsthand the power of development of Eastern and traditional medicine in Korea.

Why many tourists choose it is Korean medicine? Answers to this question are several. The first thing that attracts tourists to go for the health in this country, it development of high technologies in Korea that fully affects the medical field. Equipping hospitals with the latest equipment of all kinds allows Korean professionals with utmost precision to establish the diagnoses of their patients that, in fact, is half of treatment success, but also to perform complicated operations.

Government policy is aimed at full support healthcare, so the healthcare in Korea is sponsored by huge money, which allows Korean to equip the clinic with the latest technology. Second important advantage the Korean medicine is the high qualification of medical staff. In this state do not issue diplomas of doctors without having great knowledge. The doctor in Korea is a respected profession, which can be earned only the most talented and diligent students. Moreover, Korean physicians systematically maintain and improve their qualification at different courses and seminars. That’s why Korean doctors are better than others cope with such cutting-edge devices, such as a robotic surgeon, gamma knife and other. Meanwhile, all these devices created to the intervention to the patient was minimal, and the effect of it exceeded all expectations. You should not discount the popularity of the ancient Eastern traditions of combat ailments, which, despite the high development of technology modern medicine in Korea, are still used today. Eastern medicine is known for using natural medicines and a special technique of touching specific points on the body of the patient. Ancient traditions are “working” today, but only where they can really be effective and useful.

What health problems can solve of Korean medicine? Most often in medical tour in Korea leave patients with cancer. The initial stage of diseases related to the development of malignant tumors, are treatable in this country quite successfully. Also is very developed in Korea cosmetic tourism. Korean doctors can offer to foreign tourists-aesthetic surgery and traditional Eastern techniques of acupuncture cosmetology. No less than Korean good doctors cope with children’s and women’s diseases, spinal disorders and many other ailments.