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Traditions and customs
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Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world


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Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world

May 29, 23:15

If you love the traditions of the peoples of our planet, get ready to learn about sexual matters such. Mysterious and forbidden topic of sex couldn’t stay away and naturally, is reflected in various rituals and customs, and a couple of very unusual.

So, let’s see what customs of sexual life there are in different Nations.

Here is still one of the worst sins is considered Masturbation. It is strictly punishable by law. So, for example, accused the man can easily take away important body or even to cut off the head!

If a man in Italy undress on a nudist beach, it will immediately be taken to the police station. As for women, they for such an act would be nothing.

After all, according to local residents, the female body ideal and created it to impress that in principle do men on nudist beach.

Note that in the resort town of Tropea is also forbidden to be naked women fat and ugly. That’s just who defines their beauty and symmetry, is not known, because everyone has their own taste.

And here in Hungary to have sex with the lights on. This can only be done in complete darkness. So, living in this country, have to forget about the carnal pleasures during the day.

If the girl is under 18, she cannot have sex, as this is punishable by a few years of corrective works.

In this case punish those who insulted the honor kids, and her parents. After all, according to the law, blame the parents for having raised such a thoughtless daughter.

In Nebraska there is a special law under which, if a couple in love doing it in the car, the police first have to honk the horn, wait two minutes and only then get out of the car.

It is believed that so much I need a pair to finish your business. But in the state of Texas under the hand hit innocent pigs: they in no event cannot have sex at the airport. Interestingly, while there were precedents?

This country is jealous sounds in the process of copulation. Your man in any case should not produce sounds, like groans of the dying deer. Australian natives – war, instead of our customary handshake, friendliness demonstrate a slightly different gesture, namely — touching the dick of his companion.

But in Tibet, the girl can not get married to until she has in the account is at least 10 sexual partners.

In order to conceive twins, the men of some tribes cut himself one testicle. It is believed that if a woman gives birth from a man of Gemini, it will bring the family great sorrow. But the eunuchs, the servants of the harems of the East, expose yourself to a full castration.

The Indians “tupinamba” believe that women like big size of sexual organs, resulting in manhood is subjected to the bites of poisonous snakes to increase and swelling.

But in Micronesia, tribe «Paname” in order to excite a woman, men use stings stinging, poisonous ants.

As you can see, in our world there are many amazing facts that make you think, surprise and even amuse.

Japan and Korea

Since ancient times, and still, to enhance passion, Japanese and Koreans use their “crown” reception – the groin shot of the Golden needle.

Undoubtedly, some of the customs of distant peoples seem to us appalling, but who knows, maybe our habits would have caused a bit of a shock.

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