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Culture, traditions, customs

Residents of Cyprus are very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than 9000 years. On the island there are many traditions and customs. However, Cyprus is today more interested in the events of 20 years ago than those that happened thousands of years ago. The inhabitants of the Northern part of the island adhere to the traditions and culture of their neighbour – Turkey: are Turkish names, prefer Turkish cuisine and are followers of Islam. Since North Cyprus is annexed by Turkey, the entry of tourists is prohibited. In another part of the island prefer the Greek tradition, the Greek cuisine and profess the Orthodox religion.

Cyprus with its long history abounds with various cultural and historical sights. Organization UNESCO has included in its World Heritage List nine Byzantine churches and even a city – Kata Paphos.

For many centuries the culture of Cyprus were formed on the basis of cultural exchange between Europe, Asia and Africa. This happened because of its geographical location. However, the Cyprus traditions and customs have their own charm. They best reflected in the ceremonies and other special events in a person’s life. For the Turkish Cypriots in such events are weddings, Ramadan, the birth of a child, etc. A distinctive feature of the inhabitants of this part of the island – hospitality. In former times, the importance of the guest was determined in accordance with his social status and age. Each guest necessarily rested coffee, sherbet and fruit pastille.

Many traditional folk festivals, such as “Carnival” or “Festival of the Flood” have their roots in ancient times. The carnival runs for 50 days before Greek Christian Orthodox Easter. Major celebrations are carried out in the cities of Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. The main event of the Festival of the Flood is a fun-filled procession, the participants of which were splashing each other with sea water. Still there are disputes about what is celebrated in this way the inhabitants of ancient Greece? Either they honor the memory of Noah, who was saved from the flood, moored to the shore of St. Lazarus, or celebrated the birth of Aphrodite. But in any case, the Festival is a cheerful and unique event on the island. The venue – Larnaca.

Every September in the city of Limassol hosts the Wine Festival. Within 10 days of local wine “flow like water”. Through this the residents pay tribute to the God of wine Dionysus.

Every week in Cyprus celebrated an event: a festival or a birthday of one of the many saints. Undoubtedly, the main Greek Orthodox religious holiday is Easter, which always celebrate tori’

‘a significant and joyful.

Music and dances of Cyprus is very diverse and fascinating. Their appearance on the island is caused by the ceremonies of shamans and religious worship. Musical instruments that accompany folk dances are the violin and “laouto” (a lute with four double strings, which play a feather of an eagle or hawk). Cypriots consider the dance an expression of feelings and thoughts. The men danced during any events, celebrations and ceremonies, while the women’s dances was welcomed at weddings. The peculiarity of the Cypriot dancing is improvisation, which is manifested most in the process of two competing dancers or ensembles.

Cypriot culture is also reflected in folk art of the island. Their skilful hands and nimble fingers Cypriots have created excellent products, both decorative and useful in the home, which was the ornament of any house. The secrets of the craft passed down from generation to generation.

Many traditional folk festivals, such as “Carnival” or “Festival of the Flood” have their roots in ancient times

Every September in the city of Limassol hosts the Wine Festival

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