The Pearl South Korea
South Korea – a country of amazing contrasts, full of mysterious beauty and charm. The country is truly unique and inimitable, - enough, for example, to mention such a fact…

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The Russian tourism
Based solely on personal observations during a two-week trip. 1. Korea is the safest country that I have visited. Yes and there is a suspicion that in principle one of…

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Month celebrations, culinary traditions of Malaysia “Great Food Malaysia”. Tourism and rest in Asia: reviews, guides, news. Thailand, China, Egypt, India, Tawain, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore

The hotel Shangri-La in Kuala Lumpur began a month of celebrations in honor of the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia “Great Food Malaysia”. The first part of celebrations already held in last month with the Malaysian International gourmet Festival. The second part was “the Trail of the Culinary Heritage of Southeast Asia with chef WAN”. The third part will be scheduled for December 2010 Festival of street and restaurant food. The event “the Trail of the Culinary Heritage of Southeast Asia with chef WAN” will be devoted to a multiseries television movie, which will be broadcast on channel Astro Prima (105).

“Get ready for the tourist, historical and culinary adventure in the company of my friends from different parts of South-East Asia, which will represent the culinary traditions of their countries. We are going to visit the beautiful hotels, where we will cook a variety of dishes,” says chef van, better known as Datuk Ismail Rezwan. In addition to the 13-part television film in the light preparing to exit “Detailed map of the trail of the culinary heritage of Southeast Asia with chef WAN”. It can be purchased in some offices Tourism Malaysia worldwide. In the guide you will find detailed information about the dishes of different culinary traditions of South East Asia.

At the opening of the month of celebrations in honor of the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia “Great Food Malaysia” was attended by Minister for tourism Mrs Dato ‘ Seri Dr. Eng Yen Yen together with the ambassadors of the ASEAN countries. “Culinary tourism is among the key areas that will support the transformation plan 2020 of the Ministry of tourism Malaysia and will help the growth of the tourism industry. By 2020 we aim to reach the following figures: 36 million arrived in the country of tourists and tourism revenues in the amount of 168 billion Malaysian ringgit” – said at the meeting, Ms. Dato ‘ Seri Dr. Eng Yen Yen.

About chef van Over ten years, Datuk Ismail Rezwan, or as it is affectionately called “chef WAN”, prepared, revived and created local dishes for the pleasure of the whole world. His efforts were directed to Malaysia appeared on the culinary map of the world. Ask any resident of Malaysia about chef van, and you will hear confirmation that he is, without a doubt, the most popular chef of Malaysia. Chef WAN is known not only for its recipes, but also unique methods of presentation of the dishes. A graduate of the California culinary Academy introduced the world to Malaysian cuisine, as well as making revolutionary changes in local culinary traditions. The fruits of those efforts today appear on restaurant menus across the country. Part chef Wang to the project attracted the attention of a number of restaurants specializing in the cuisine of South-East Asia, the best chefs in this part of the world and the Ministry for tourism of Malaysia.

About the project “Great food Malaysia” the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia’s “Great food Malaysia” is to further consolidate the image of the country as a Paradise for gourmets and tourist destination with top class restaurants. Annual three-stage program under the slogan “Great food Malaysia” promotes the best fine dining restaurants (under the Malaysian International gourmet festival) in October; promotes culinary heritage and regional delicacies in November; familiarizes with all the multinational diversity of street and restaurant food in December.