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How to actually serve as soldiers-celebrities?

OneKorea— Military service in South Korea is compulsory for all men over the age of 18 years, the lifetime, depending on the type of troops, is from 21 to 24 months. There is also an alternative civil service, the duration of which can reach 3 years.

In South Korea unauthorized evasion of military duties is of a particularly sensitive (and criminal) nature. The employer may refuse, arguing that the fact that you “otkosil” from army, therefore, are undisciplined worker and malicious violator of the law.

Do not avoid punishment, even senior politicians, when it becomes known that they or their children are not properly given duty. Celebrities attempt to evade the army also severely repressed.

But while ordinary South Korean citizens, with the gnashing of angry teeth, go to serve in the army, while you study or work, for pop stars it is a real challenge. Now the trends in the entertainment industry are changing at an incredible rate and more and more stars debut every year. There is no warranty for this or that actor that after 22 months of service his popularity or the number of the fan base will remain the same. So it is no surprise the attempts of celebrities to “get” from the army illegally, against many were even prosecuted.

A vivid example can serve as Yoo sung Joon (Yoo Seung Joon,Steve Yoo) — known Korean-American male model, which at the time adorned the covers of glossy magazines. Trying to Dodge the army, he took American citizenship in 2002. After this incident, his popularity was on the wane, and when public anger is out of control, the government of South Korea decided to take matters into their own hands. In the end, the court imposed a ban on his performances and conducting any activity in the sphere of show business in the country. After more than 11 years of punishment still continues to operate.

The stars of show business became easier to endure all the hardships of service, even when in 1997 in the Armed forces of South Korea had established a special unit for men pop-stars – «Army media Agency» (DMA), where they, after a few months of completing initial military training, was doing his usual thing — on composing for the army tele-radio programs.

At the end of June 2013 the DMA has come under fire because of several flagrant violations of the rules committed by soldiers of the celebrities, such as: drinking alcohol and the use of mobile phones on the territory of the military unit, also note the unauthorized departures from the part, after which the soldier was seen walking on the nearby city.

Bad publicity has not spared the person of the infamous Korean pop – “Rayna”, when he was seen on a date with a young actress without legally leave. Anyway, the singer recently was discharged quietly, without applying any sanctions.

Recently, the Ministry of defense of South Korea said that because of inefficiency and low level of discipline putting forth a special military unit, which held the military service of pop stars. The Ministry conducted a review of the work of the DMA and eventually said «its results, we take responsibility for the poor discipline in the DMA and start the unit». To 8 DMA military personnel will be disciplinary action for violation of the Charter and three of them will be subjected to «severe punishment».