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Residents of Cyprus are very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than 9000 years. On the island there are many traditions and customs. However, Cyprus is today…

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The Russian tourism

Based solely on personal observations during a two-week trip.

1. Korea is the safest country that I have visited. Yes and there is a suspicion that in principle one of the most peaceful in the world. I had long ago forgotten this feeling. traveling around the world. Of course, Latin America and Africa is quite extreme, but the same Europe – France, Spain, Austria, Norway – nearby did not lie with Korea. Nowhere else are so calm at 12 at night to walk the streets with the camera around my neck, and realize that you do not have to do.

Cameras and phones at all the. ) So, for example, going to the toilet in the cafe, Koreans leave their app on the tables, knowing that nobody would take.

Same with cars – are currently open, with the navigation inside the nights and days – and everything is fine ).

In buses no one comes to mind during the stop, going to stretch my legs or have a snack, take a bag with documents and expensive devices. Tablets are lying directly on the seats of the bus. We have thought for some criminal Latino there is a Paradise – arrived on the weekend, went to a cafe, standing by the bus – collected equipment and go home ). Like this weekend ).

2. Cards – visa, MasterCard, Korea rolled automatically, occasionally are asked to sign. No one asks for the pin. On the one hand – convenient, with another – even something as weird – if the card still stealing – her an opportunity to pay in lots of stores. Probably still the case that the level of theft here is extremely low )

3. Cellular communication in Korea – the new generation. If you have a phone without 3G – you will not catch a network, in principle, keep this in mind.

4. Korea – a country of victorious public toilets ). They are literally everywhere – time to feel discomfort is simply impossible. There are toilets in the subway, on the streets, in the parks. All free, very clean, and many even with clever technical innovations type washing and drying of your ass ).

5. Hotels in Korea – even in the most modest type Motel or Guesthouse – you can always find in the rooms a large jar of shampoo, toothpaste, cream, lotion. It is very convenient.

6. Grocery stores in Korea work around the clock, unlike the same Europe, where all hell will catch working hours ). Alcohol is also sold around the clock, and there is a certain danger. We have forgotten what a 3 a.m. scream – “come And buy more. Come on-come on. Show mast GOU it!” )).

7. Generally Koreans drink a lot. Every night walking the streets hundreds of a lot of drunk Koreans, and decent, well-dressed Koreans. And well even if you go. Many actually lie, or sit on the pavement, unable to rise. So many drunks on the streets we have not seen anywhere else. And it’s not just on Fridays or holidays – every day!

8. Koreans drink their local vodka soju – a cross between vodka and sake. Degree 23. Say soju is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. And it is only through love for him, Koreans!). Arriving at the fish market early in the morning – 7-8 hours in the morning, we caught Korean workers at Breakfast with soju. Well, what is it (he, she , it) – mere pennies – about 50 rubles for our money for a bottle of 360 ml. Action has tough.

9. Incidentally, on the Korean supermarkets. In any of them is microwave oven, cooler with hot and cold water, coffee machine. I.e. what you bought in the shop – you can just reheat and eat. And, usually, next to or directly inside a table and pair of chairs – please sit down, enjoy your noodles or dumplings ). Beauty and more )

10. In any cafe. the restaurant or hotel you can get free drinking water.

There is still fotochki Seoul for beauty )

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