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Emigration to Asia from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Kiev

Emigration to Asia (Asia Emigration) from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. Services immigration lawyer in Dnepropetrovsk.

Our long experience of cooperation with foreign companies allows us to provide legal assistance for emigration abroad. If you wish to travel abroad for a time or permanently – our immigration lawyer will tell you what are legitimate ways to migrate abroad based on legislation.

If you wish to obtain a visa in one of the countries belonging to the continent Asia that will allow you to freely live, work, learn, conduct business in all areas of the country You selected – you can trust our experience, because our Law office specializes in migratory law.

The list of countries members of the Asia continent, clicking each you can see the features of emigration, immigration – visa

Visa to Azerbaijan from Ukraine

Visa to Macau (Macau) from Ukraine

Visa to Armenia from Ukraine

Visa to Afghanistan from Ukraine

Visa to Bangladesh from Ukraine

Visa to Bahrain from Ukraine

Visa to Brunei from Ukraine

Visa to Bhutan from Ukraine

A visa to East Timor from Ukraine

Visa to Vietnam from Ukraine

Visa to Hong Kong from Ukraine

Visa to Georgia from Ukraine

Visa to Israel from Ukraine

Visa to Iraq from Ukraine

Visa to Iran from Ukraine

Visa to Yemen from Ukraine

Visa to Kazakhstan from Ukraine

Visa to Cambodia from Ukraine

Visa to Qatar from Ukraine

Visa to Cyprus from Ukraine

Visa to China from Ukraine

Visa to Korea North from Ukraine

Visa to Korea South from Ukraine

Visa to Kuwait from Ukraine

Visa to Kyrgyzstan from Ukraine

Visa to Laos from Ukraine

Visa to Lebanon from Ukraine

Visa to Malaysia from Ukraine

Visa to Maldives from Ukraine

Visa to Mongolia from Ukraine

Visa to Myanmar from Ukraine

Visa to Nepal from Ukraine

Visa to UAE from Ukraine

Visa to Pakistan from Ukraine

Visa to Palestine from Ukraine

Visa to Russia from Ukraine

Visa to Saudi Arabia from Ukraine

Visa to Singapore from Ukraine

Visa to Syria from Ukraine

List of documents for emigration to Asia (the List of documents for emigration to Asia) – depends on the visa category, therefore below we present a generalized minimum list of documents:

1) Application – fill the can with us.

2) notarial Notarized translation of the passport into English, or the language of the selected country – can choose to translate + copy of tax identification code (ID code).

3) 4 Photos 3,5 x 4,5 matte finish, 80% face.

4) Invitation from natural persons and legal entities from the country where you wish to immigrate.

5) Document confirming financial support during your stay in the country – the statement of account / card at the Bank.

6) Payment of the fee (MRV fee) for the visa – you can pay instead of You.

7) and so on.

A complete list will be specified depending on Your situation.

If you want online to know the list of documents specifically for your visa abroad, the time and cost write to us on  in the contact section answers the following questions:

The first time if you are going to get a visa to this country?

Do you have a visa and in which country? (If you have a visa to some countries, you can refuse in registration)

What period and what purpose are you going to leave?

Do you have the receiving party abroad (relative, or perhaps lived there previously)?

Do you know any foreign language and at what level?

Do you plan to emigrate (wife, children, parents) ?

Do you have a passport?

What is your official salary?

If you are planning a holiday, travel you should see in the section of our website about tourism – click here.

Services immigration lawyer in Ukraine (services immigration lawyer Ukraine) – we are only legally on the basis of the contract.

Also to one of our specialists will need to make a notarized power of attorney – so that we could conduct all the procedures of collecting and submitting documents for a visa to a country in Asia instead of You.

Don’t forget that giving us Their data, sending them .You consent to the processing of transferred personal data.


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