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Center for medical tourism in South Korea – Bona Medical Treatment in Korea

Cure in Korea

Medicine in Korea is intensively and successfully developed in the past fifteen years, and is now considered one of the best in the world.

Since the beginning of 2009 all public clinics in South Korea, with government support, began to focus on providing medical services to foreign patients .

Therefore, in hospitals there are special primary admissions departments, wards and health centres . with staff speaking English and other languages that accompany foreign patients and coordinate their treatment in Korean hospitals. Medical center offers you Bona Venture support and coordination of health services in the Russian language in any clinic in South Korea.

Also in the Republic of Korea to facilitate the entrance were introduced special medical visas for up to 1 year. Bona Venture will help you with getting medical visas. Such organization of activity of medical institutions and its strict control of the state gave an additional guarantee of high quality medical services .

Treatment in Korea today – is receiving medical services from highly qualified specialists using the latest technologies in well equipped medical centres.

Modern methods of diagnosis . presented in South Korean hospitals and medical centers allow you to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and timely, in the early stages of detecting disease, which significantly increases the chances of a cure.

High level of medicine is provided by carrying out in South Korea of studies and clinical trials of global importance. The main direction here was Oncology . In Korea are effective methods of treatment of oncological diseases using the latest advances in medical science and technology.

Popular among foreign patients is cosmetic surgery . cosmetology centers and hospitals specializing in hair transplantation. Korean doctors have extensive experience in carrying out operations such as breast augmentation (breast implants), plastic surgery of face and body, removing warts and birthmarks, hair transplantation.

Gynecological clinics in South Korea are among the leading in the world in the successful treatment of infertility in women, and men.

Along with medication, clinics in Korea successfully used methods of physiotherapy .

In addition, Korean medical institutions have departments of traditional Oriental medicine . in which acupuncture is effectively used . herbal therapy and homeopathy .

«land of the morning calm”, also known as South Korea, are very hospitable. It is a country with a developed tourist infrastructure and a quality friendly service .

The cost of medical services for foreign patients in Korean health care is much cheaper than clinics in the USA and Europe. Thus, we provide translation services, escort to doctor and coordination of care (paid for separately, by agreement) that makes the treatment more comfortable conditions of stay in a non-native country.

Established air links between South Korea and most cities in the world, a simplified system of obtaining visas, friendly ‘Eastern’ hospitality and respectful attitude to patients contribute to the rapid development of medical tourism in this country! In turn, the Bona Venture will make all efforts to help you feel comfortable throughout the entire trip and treatment.

Welcome to southern Korea!

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