Book: Onagers Alexander. Nude Japan. Sexual traditions of the Country sun root
A man claiming to be a serious researcher must have considerable courage to tackle a story about the sexual culture of another people, because very easy to cross the line…

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Tea culture of Korea
Tea culture Korea has a long history. In "Historical notes of the Three kingdoms" ("Samguk Saga"), written by order of the king in 1145 year in the era of the…

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The Pearl South Korea

South Korea – a country of amazing contrasts, full of mysterious beauty and charm. The country is truly unique and inimitable, – enough, for example, to mention such a fact that the Korean people have managed to preserve their identity and independence, despite the fact that in ancient and medieval times, Korea had to fight with the nomads, the Chinese and Japanese.

Now South Korea is a very picturesque country, which are perfect for tourists. The combination of ultra-modern skyscrapers and ancient temples, beautiful mountains and scenery, amazing culture – all this is of great interest for lovers of the exotic East.

If you have decided to travel to South Korea, then, of course, you should start with its capital.


In South Korea’s capital city has a huge number of interesting museums, ancient palaces, various trading houses, and art centers.

Of special interest are the ancient residence of Korean rulers, among which the famous Palace Gyeongbokgung. A true gem can be considered and Namdaemun Gate, which was built in the XIV century. It is interesting that here every day, played a real theatrical performance – the changing of the guard, a truly colorful and attractive.

National Park Seoraksan

Another gem of South Korea can be called the Park of Seoraksan. It is a magnificent mountainous area on the East coast of the Peninsula, which is amazing for its scenery. Lush green forests, mysterious caves, mountain rivers and beautiful waterfalls you will remember for a long time. Not accidentally, the mountains of Seoraksan is considered the most scenic in Korea. There are also ancient Buddhist temples, among which stands out the Church of the VII century of Singings.


If Seoul is the current capital of South Korea, Gyeongju is the former capital of all of Korea. This city truly is the cradle of all culture of the Korean people. At the End of the first Millennium of our era, Gyeongju was a center of strong Korean power Silla, spread influence on the entire Korean Peninsula, and was considered one of the most splendid and rich cities in East Asia.

The traces of the former splendor and preserved in our days. The city has a great variety of interesting and unusual monuments are the tombs of the Silla rulers, very beautiful gardens, old temples and ancient pagodas. Here is also a unique monument of Cheomseongdae, which is one of the oldest observatories in East Asia.

Jeju island

Another attraction of South Korea is the island of Jeju, which is sometimes called “Korean Ghavami”. Many experts even believe that Jeju island is the most beautiful and pleasant island in East Asia

Jeju island is the southernmost island of Korea and is a favorite spot of many tourists. Amazingly clean and warm sea, excellent beaches, excellent scenery with views of mountains and exotic flowers – all this contributed to the fact that many Korean and foreign newlyweds come here for weddings and honeymoons.

Familiarity with Buddhism

In addition to exploring ancient monuments and picturesque landscapes to tourists in South Korea offer another unique program of acquaintance with Buddhism. In this approximately 30 Buddhist temples of South Korea, which offer tourists to touch the daily life of the monks. Tourists can stay in the chosen temple and live there for several days, participating in all the rituals and observing all the rules. Participation in Buddhist ceremonies, the observance of such rules and rituals, asceticism, meditation, prayer together with the monks will allow you to obtain an extraordinary spiritual experience.