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Tea culture Korea has a long history. In "Historical notes of the Three kingdoms" ("Samguk Saga"), written by order of the king in 1145 year in the era of the…

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Amazing facts about beer

It is the most attractive to men? Mystery, innuendo, flirtation and playfulness… what would you mark out? Leadership step undoubtedly will get the mind and wit. Want to impress cute deep knowledge about his favourite drink?

Do you wish to stand out in the company of male friends, to draw attention not only to their 60-90-60, but all hold interesting information with you that will seem new and unfamiliar? Then look and unusual but true facts about man’s drink – beer.

Strong beer

Strong Beers contain from 8 to 14 % alcohol, and were first cooked in England in the 19th century. Strong beer color can range from light wheaten to a reddish-brown, and, of course, is intended for slow sipping, not for instant draining a pint.

However, there are such varieties of beer, a fortress which 21, even 23 and 29 degrees. An example of such a beer – Hair of the Dog’s Dave, released in England in 1994 and is currently the strongest beer in the world.

Beer that can ruin

Check out the pub “Pivotal” in London, and there You will be offered the most elite beer, Vielle Bon Seco at a cost of about $ 1,000.

The “burning” beer

Brewed in Arizona, Cave Creek Chili Beer with a real chili pepper in each bottle is really good to burn Your stomach if You want to enjoy more than two bottles of this drink.

The unusual flavors of beer

Belgian beer Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic is true to its title, and features a bright cherry taste.

In order to attract beer lovers of women, manufacturers of beer are numerous tricks and produce beer with flavors of Apple, lemon, grapefruit, peach, and even blueberries and raspberries.

Beer-Krait Prestige champagne is one of a kind. It comes in a bottle of champagne, and is intended to narrow the boundaries between those who like beer and those who prefer wine for him. The drink combines the flavors of both and provides a completely innovative beer taste.

Cartoons of beer: beer with different flavors

Along with the classic and elite varieties of beer, there are really quite explicit cartoons of beer. For example, beer with the aroma of pizza, which reportedly has a fake taste, with a taste of something remotely resembling the ingredients of the pizza.

In the Netherlands, produce beer for…dogs. Yes, you heard right. It is unclear, how and to whom this idea could be a notion in his head, but a soft drink with taste chop the meat really smells like, but probably this is better known dogs.

Kenyan banana beer, of course, not contain bananas, but it has a bright tropical flavor.

However, the Dutch with their beer for dogs has outdone the other, more rich in imagination nation. The Japanese have created a mix of beer and…milk. The result was really quite ridiculous drink called Bilk (from the English. beer +milk).

But this mix of Japanese and released a Tomato beer. It is assumed that this beer is useful because with organic tomatoes. contains 1,000 times more of vitamin B. Perhaps it is useful, but there is no evidence about what the taste of this wonderful drink.

And absolutely immoral product, released by the Japanese beer for children. Albeit soft, it has a distinct beer taste that will surely instill in children subsequently, the craving for the beer is already alcoholic.

Ridiculous names of Beers

Among the vast range of beer brands, to attract customers can often be bright or unusual name.

Among them are the following:

– “La Fin du Monde” (“the end of the world”). Canadian beer is obviously intended for drinking before the End of the world.

– “Old speckled hen”. English beer is in great demand. Not if chicken flu is this? So using beer is it just not pick up!

American beer “Arrogant bastard”. I wonder who they meant?

– “Santa’s ass” is an American beer, the name of which in the U.S. are not considered to be offensive. Yes, all the Yankees prefer to save their Asses?

This is a brief review of the most incredible beer products. If You meet one of these instances – do not miss the chance to try!