The Russian tourism
Based solely on personal observations during a two-week trip. 1. Korea is the safest country that I have visited. Yes and there is a suspicion that in principle one of…

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Korea: Children of morning dew
Drumming open to music fans, the soulful ballads, folk traditions and modern technology show revealed the great potential of the two original cultures: Russian and Korean. So the best Korean…

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A Bit about Japanese cuisine – Anime Holic

From ancient times to the present day the first most important food in Japanese cuisine is rice. When the Japanese cook rice, they don’t add any salt or other ingredients, preferring to pour his only food. Mainly in Japan at the table is served spicy-sweet and spicy-salty sauces. Use for cooking special rice variety, which has low stickiness, but it needs a good cliplets in lumps, so that it was convenient to take chopsticks, which are called (Hasi). Its not boiling when stirred, and wait until all the water is boiled. Properly cooked rice in Japanese is called (gohan), it needs to be dry to rice grain were soft, well separated from each other, but not scattered.

In the middle ages in Japan, rice was a indicator of wealth in the house, and was the equivalent of money. Even the salaries of the samurai were paid in rice.

Another important staple in the Japanese diet is fish and seafood. As you know, Japan is an island that is washed by the seas and the largest ocean in the world, which is inhabited by many species of fish, marine animals and algae. The majority of seafood in Japanese cuisine are a delicacy. Seafood in Japan is not customary to subject to heat treatment, so they do not lose their taste and nutritional properties, so they are mostly served raw or soaked in a marinade.

Also, the Japanese eat almost all kinds of vegetables, which are mostly used in sauces and seasonings.

Many dishes of Japanese cuisine has taken over from neighboring China, it’s mostly sauces and condiments such as beans and soy, such as soy-bean sauce “shoyu”, soy-bean seasoning “tofu” and many more.

As the Japanese adopted the noodles. In Japan there are many kinds of noodles, but the main three are: “ramen” is made from wheat flour and boiled in meat broth, “soba” is made from buckwheat flour, and Udon — the usual round or flat noodles made from wheat flour.

Huge impact on Japanese food has had a European. She brought beef and pork, which was banned in Japan because of religion, but in our time all the bans in the past and in any Japanese supermarket you can find a huge selection of meat and meat products.

In traditional Japanese cuisine at different times of the year different foods and is used in each area of Japan there are dishes, unknown in other areas. Many Japanese travel around the country and bring home a variety of different recipes.

In Japan the stores sell boxes of food especially designed for travelers, which is very convenient to use when you’re out and about.

A lot of attention the Japanese paid to the decoration of dishes, shaped cutting products and serving Cutlery.

In the world there are many Japanese dishes, but the most famous is “Sushi”, European “Sushi”. These are small rolls stuffed with rice and fish, or other ingredients and wrapped in seaweed called “nori”. In Japan there are many kinds of sushi. Some are made as small “sausages” of rice, decorated with sliced vegetables, fish or other sea life.

Of the many drinks, the Japanese prefer to drink green tea, which tones and perfectly removes thirst. In Japanese families it is not customary to add sugar in tea, most often it is served a variety of traditional sweets and confectionery, prepared at home.

Also in Japan, a huge selection of spirits, but they prefer the Japanese national drink, “sake” — weak rice wine (rice wine).

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