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Japan is an island country located in the northwestern part of the Pacific ocean. It is located on four large Islands – the island. Honshu, the island. Hokkaido island. Shikoku…

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Fauna of Uzbekistan
Diverse and unique fauna of Central Asia . Its representatives have adapted to different climatic conditions – from hot summer deserts to the harsh winters in the mountains . On…

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Book: Onagers Alexander. Nude Japan. Sexual traditions of the Country sun root

A man claiming to be a serious researcher must have considerable courage to tackle a story about the sexual culture of another people, because very easy to cross the line beyond which ends with a description of traditions and begins savoring”strawberries”.Especially when it comes to such people as the Japanese, whose sex life is in the perception of Europeans is surrounded by legends. Alexander Kulanov, japonisme and the journalist-the foreign Affairs specialist and had the courage and skill to to give the details about everything connected with sex and eroticism in Japanese culture – from ancient phallic cults to geisha, anime and inclination to what Europeans consider a perversion, and many Japanese are shy about part of its life. But sex when they are little, giving the author a reason to call Japan”country sexual bluff”.And why it happened, you will learn after reading this book.

Onagers, Alexander E.


He was born June 14, 1970 years in the suburbs. He graduated from the Yaroslavl higher military financial school. He served in the airborne troops. 1998 years engaged in the study of Japan. The correspondent of the magazine “Sweden today” (1998-2000) and “the Diplomat” (2000-2002). In 2002-2003 years investigated the problems of the comparative analysis of images of Russia and Japan in the graduate school of the University of Tokyo .


Founder and chief editor of the Internet publication “Japanese journal — Japon(2003-2007). The chief editor of the “Dojo” and “Budokan” (2005-2006). 2007 , the employee of the Moscow Bureau of the biggest global Newspapers “Graduated” (Yomiuri, the Yomiuri shimbun). Columnist of the web resource “Mysterious Japan”. Acted as a consultant to several film and television projects, including the filming of the documentary TV series “In the shadow of the Rising sun” (ORT, 1999 g) and the feature film “the Sun” (dir. A. Sokurov. 2005). Organized and conducted a number of major events in the field of intercultural communication, including Russia’s first international Symposium on martial arts under the auspices of the UN. Project member of the Japan Foundation “What is Japan”, in which a series of lectures in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Kiev. Provided and provides consulting services to several domestic and foreign companies (“Mobile TeleSystems” (MTS), “Orienta”, “Kaigai iju of recasa”, “CYRUS tour”, etc.).


The author of hundreds of articles published in Russia, Japan and the USA, as well as books:

Tiva. Talk about Japan. Conversations about Russia . — M. Zakharov, 2003. — 288 PP. — 1000 copies ISBN 5-8159-0374-4

Russia and Japan: image war / with V. E. Molodyakova . — M. AST, Astrel’, the Guardian, 2007. — 512 p — 3000 copies ISBN 978-5-17-040740-8. ISBN 978-5-271-15388-4. ISBN 978-5-9762-2356-1

The reverse side of Japan. Taiwa-2 . — M. AST, Astrel, harvest, 2008. — 384 p. — 3000 copies ISBN 978-5-17-046480-7. ISBN 978-5-271-15354-9. ISBN 978-985-16-4960-6

Nude Japan. The erotic tradition of the Country solar root . . AST, Astrel, 2008. — 320 p. — 3000 copies ISBN 978-5-17-049269-5. ISBN 978-5-271-18022-4

The reverse side of Japan. Century 21 . – M. Penguin Books, 2011. – 352 p – 4100 copies ISBN: 978-5-69-951335-2

T@uwa . – M. 2012. – 610 K. – Electronic edition. ISBN: 978-5-9903372-1-3

He participated in several collective publishing projects of the Institute of Oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. including:

Japan and Russia: neighbors in the new Millennium . Anthology. M.:Ayro XX, 2004.

A portrait of contemporary Japanese society . M. AYRO-XXI, 2006.

Japan open to the world M. AYRO-XXI, 2007.

Global challenges: the Japanese response . M. AYRO-XXI, 2008, and several others.

One of the authors of the Popular illustrated encyclopedia Japan from A to z (M. Japan today, 2000) and the textbook for higher education institutions Foreign policy of Japan (M. East literature, 2008).


Awarded the medal “For distinction in military service” (Russia), “In the Service of Peace” (UN), medal of Military virtue Society of great Japan (Dai Nippon Butokukai. Japan), Honorary certificate of the National Academy of traditional jujutsu “Kajitsu Jessen of Budo”. Nominee of the Japan Foundation “For the support of international cooperation” (2006). Laureate of IV international competition “Image -directory” in the “project of the year in the field of education” (2008).

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