Medicine in Korea: to rest and to improve health
In recent years, many travelers have started to combine business with pleasure, going to overseas countries with two objectives: to get acquainted with the culture of the country and to…

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The Rite: Korea - Picture 22506-29
Ceremony: Korea. In Korea on the day of the wedding the groom handed the bride's parents wooden duck, wrapped, with the exception of the head, in a red shawl. Wild…

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Travel Korea

the Republic of Korea (informal name of the country, widely used in Russian-language press — South Korea) occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and numerous Islands. The largest is Jeju island located at the extreme southern tip of the Peninsula. Washed by the waters of Japan and the Yellow sea, the South — Korean Strait.

One of the places that are well worth visiting while travelling in Korea, can be called Ulsan is a city located in South Korea, in its South-Eastern part. This port city, one of the largest industrial cities in Korean.

Speaking of Ulsan, it is impossible not to mention that here comes out from the conveyor so popular among Russian motorists the products of famous corporations Hyundai, or a Hyundai, as they say. This engineering giant is owned and shipyard, located in Ulsan.

Even among the industrial attractions of the city can be called one of the world’s largest oil refineries, a plant producing mineral fertilizers. The two ports emphasizes the industrial side of town. Excellent prospects are opening up for fans of industrial tourism!

One of the oldest lighthouses in the country — a beacon of Ulgi. When visiting the lighthouses Ulsan guide will tell the tourists about the fascinating history of the evolution of the local lighthouses from the first signal fires to a modern, fully automated lighthouses.

Itself lighthouse complex is located in the Park of Ulgi. This Park attracts tourists with its green vegetation blends harmoniously into the sea. And even quaint, red-hued rocks amazingly in tune with this landscape. Here the cool blue water, clean and clear, and the sea breeze Park gives visitors the splendour of an unforgettable feeling of freshness and tranquility.

Rock Tevanyan enjoy visiting all the tourists. The guide will definitely dedicate this rock is a fascinating story about the dragon, the protector of the East sea.

Ilinski beach, with coarse sand and small pebbles stretches over a kilometer, providing an excellent opportunity for beach lovers long to stroll through its endless beach and sea views. And the abundance of unusual flowers certainly will not leave anyone indifferent!

But if the purpose of the trip to Ulsan vacation, such tourists will come pebble beach Ulsa, which is unique for its black pebbles. Walking in it has a positive effect on different points located on the feet of a man.

And with mount Muresan you can enjoy stunning views of the city at night from above.Cuisine in Korea is largely similar to Chinese, also used the rice, vegetables, wheat products, fish. Widely used soy.

Milk products the Koreans do not use. The main dish of Korean meal is rice, which served a variety of dishes, which vary depending on location and time of year. In Korean cuisine there and their traditional national dishes, such as kimchi (spicy vegetable dish made from pickled cabbage or radish), HVE (a dish of raw fish: pieces pour the vinegar, then put the pepper, salt, garlic, finely chopped carrots or radishes, in 20 minutes the dish is served to the table, Kuks (homemade noodles from fresh dough, served to meat or chicken broth, which for a spicy add pepper, soy, kimchi). Important in the Korean diet is a soup, without which no cost, almost no meal. The table also serves seafood, meat or poultry, green vegetables, herbs, and root vegetables.