Emigration to Asia from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Kiev
Emigration to Asia (Asia Emigration) from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. Services immigration lawyer in Dnepropetrovsk. Our long experience of cooperation with foreign companies allows us to provide legal assistance for emigration abroad.…

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Tea culture of Korea
Tea culture Korea has a long history. In "Historical notes of the Three kingdoms" ("Samguk Saga"), written by order of the king in 1145 year in the era of the…

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Kim Jong – UN is the new leader of North Korea. Discussion on LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries

Apple from the tree… Since the death of Kim Than Ira North Korean media has released a series of photographs of the “Great successor” Kim Jong-UN, in which he visits schools, factories and military bases. These photos are not new to North Korea, were of the same and with the participation of Kim Than Irina and Kim Il Sung. For decades North Korean media praised Kim Jong-Il – a wise, courageous and farsighted ruler. The same thing continues in his son – Kim Jong UN, called him an outstanding marksman, a talented poet, an economic genius and a wise military strategist. However, objective information about Kim Chen Yne little. Doubt even his age – he may be 28, 29 or 30 years. Judging from these photos, he followed in the footsteps of his father, though and with a bit more enthusiasm and expression of emotions.

1. Kim Jong UN observes flight training unit 1017 of the Korean people’s air force. By the way according to his friends, Kim Jong Innocent loves online casino. which is now in the world is becoming more and more popular.

2. Kim Jong UN (8th from left in front row) poses with newly elected members of the Central administrative apparatus of the workers Party of Korea on the square of the Kumsusan memorial Palace in Pyongyang.

3. Kim Jong-Il (left) with son Kim Jong-UN look at gifts Chinese Minister of public security.

4. Kim Jong-UN, at the company’s “Mokran”.

5. Kim Jong-Il and his son Kim Jong UN applaud before a massive military parade in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Communist party in Pyongyang, two months before the death of Kim Jong Il.

6. Still from the report: Kim Jong-UN pays tribute to late father in a memorial Palace of Kymsusan.

7. Kim Jong-UN at a memorial service for his father on the square, Kim Il-Sung. Left of Kim Jong Us, President of the Presidium of the Supreme people’s Assembly, on the right – Vice Marshal of the Korean people’s army Ri Yong Guo.

8. Kim Jong-UN on a horse. North Korean media in all working on a documentary about Kim Chen Yne, which will help to idealize a new and inexperienced ruler.

9. Kim Jong UN delivers a speech surrounded by soldiers.

10. Kim Jong-UN in Command of the mixed troops of the Korean people’s army.

11. During the visit to the revolutionary school during the Lunar New year.

12. Kim Jong UN, Supreme commander of the Korean people’s army and the leader of the Labour party.

13. Kim Jong-UN with students and teachers of a school in Pyongyang.

14. Kim Jong-UN in a tank division of the Korean people’s army. North Korea urged its people to support the new leader Kim Jong-UN and protect him as “human shields” when trying to solve problems with shortage of products.

15. Kim Jong-UN during a visit to one of the units of the Korean people’s army.

16. Kim Jong UN inspects a tank.

17. Kim Jong-UN show a great variety of food during a visit to division 169 of the Korean people’s army.

18. Kim Jong-UN talks with students of the revolutionary school in Pyongyang.

19. Kim Jong-UN surrounded by representatives of the military authorities.

20. Kim Jong-UN for a group picture during a visit to the command of the mixed troops of No. 671. The inscription on the poster: “We serve the dear Supreme commander, comrade Kim Jong-UN!”.

21. Kim Jong-UN during a visit to one of the offices of the Korean people’s army, accompanied by a faithful “subjects.”

22. Kim Jong UN appreciates the weapon.

23. Kim Jong UN welcomes cadets.

24. And again Kim Jong-UN show the abundance and variety of food in the tank unit of the army.

25. Kim Jong UN visits people’s Park of Pyongyang, unfinished.

26. Kim Jong UN looks at a guitar at an undisclosed location in North Korea.

27. New North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN inspects a tank division of the Korean people’s army.

28. Kim Chen Yr gives valuable advice and guidance during the visit to the tank division.

29. Kim Jong-UN inspects a military facility.where-t s North Korea.

30. Kim Jong-UN during a visit to a military school.

31. Kim Jong UN inspects weapons somewhere in North Korea.

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Wine Korea
South Korea cannot be called a state with a long tradition of winemaking. The people of this country prefer to consume stronger drinks or beer. And yet, the wine industry…

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