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The Feast of sake in Japan

This day is not a public holidays. Moreover, some inhabitants of the country do not know about it, however, those who still remember that there is such a holiday, celebrate it at the dinner table, where guests can enjoy not only sake, but also many other alcohol-containing drinks: champagne, beer and wine.

They say that wherever drink sake, there friendship is born. And this is indeed the case. The ceremony of drinking sake offers a warm and trusting communication. In this ancient ceremony embodied the politeness of the Japanese.

Those who accidentally or deliberately came to Japan just for day sake, you should know that this beverage contains alcohol, therefore, should not be consumed in large quantities. By the way, there are certain rules of drinking, observing that, to feel like a real Japanese. The first thing you should remember at the table, this mood, which certainly must be good. Sake need easily . smiling, however, and do not rush. Don’t forget the snacks, which typically are exotic for the Russian people smoked eel, tuna, sea urchin. However, some hostesses served table, and more conventional products, for example, meats including several varieties of salty cheese. We should not forget about the standard that was acceptable to drink, in order not to lose human shape. By the way, the use of the drink better not refuse, if that day have been taken any medications that are incompatible with alcohol.

However, even those people who due to certain circumstances can’t taste the Japanese national drink, can bring the bottle to present it to friends as a gift. To determine the quality of sake, even without trying it, you need to pay attention to the cost. Well, if she is not less than three euros per unit. However, in some wine shops can be found instances, standing on a hundred euros. Thus, the focus is more on their own wallet. Anyway, the experts in this matter do not recommend to buy a bottle, the price for which is less than one thousand yen.

The second quality indicator is a marking. The packaging should stand the hieroglyphs, the first of which means “pure”, and the second — “sake”. Also the label must contain instructions on beverage strength. It must be exactly sixteen degrees.

Considerable importance is, of course, composition. It must contain ingredients such as rice and water. Side components are not welcome, since I do drink less noble.

In General, the Japanese traditionally divide all the varieties into two categories, the first of which is called “sweet” and ” dry “. The choice in this case depends solely on the taste preferences of the person for whom the gift is intended.

By the way, if the one to whom it is presented, not too well acquainted with the rules of drinking sake, it should be informed that it can be drunk, adding a glass of ice, however, wonderful tastes and the drink whose temperature is close to room temperature. Some fans actually heat it up to forty degrees, as they believe that after heat treatment it becomes more interesting taste.

Note 10 rules of drinking sake

Drink easily and happily, with a smile.

Drink slowly, and stick to your rhythm.

Get used to drink at mealtimes, always biting.

Know your rate of alcohol.

At least 2 times a week to arrange “days of rest for the liver”.

Don’t force anyone to drink violently.

Do not drink alcohol if you just drank the medicine.

Do not drink “one gulp”, not force anyone to drink.

Finish the drink at the latest by 12 o’clock in the morning.

Regularly check the condition of my liver.

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