Wild Bactrian camel of Central Asia: habitat, biological features and problems of conservation
Prepared by a team of Russian and Mongolian scientists the monograph introduces the reader to a unique representative of the world fauna – wild Bactrian camel (Hautacam), living in the…

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Wine Korea
South Korea cannot be called a state with a long tradition of winemaking. The people of this country prefer to consume stronger drinks or beer. And yet, the wine industry…

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Festival of Korean art

25 in August «the Theatrarium on Serpukhovka” artists of the National dance troupe of Korea presented a song from the best Korean traditional dance in a contemporary setting under the straightforward title “Korean fantasy”. In these views reflects all the characteristic features of Korean dance and mentality: calm and tranquility combined with the power and energy. Plunging the audience into the mysterious charm of the atmosphere of the East, by his dancing skills and colourful costumes, the dancers Express the historically instilled in them a nagging feeling of sadness and at the same time – love of life, the philosophical ability to perceive its complexity through the prism of humor.

National dance troupe of South Korea there are already forty-five years, supporting, developing and disseminating the national traditions of dance and engaging the best artists of the country. Artistic Director of the troupe – BAE Zun Hae. Being one of the best Korean dancers and choreographers, she knows the art of traditional and modern dances, ballet and creative dance. At the same time she directs the National Institute of classical music and several troupes, making a huge contribution to the development of staged folk dance. Her motto is – creative without boundaries. Practice in the training of dancers and it includes martial arts, which is also reflected in the view.

The program « Korean fantasy” opened women’s circle dance. Traditionally the month of harvest women gathered in a circle, dancing, holding hands, and singing. The circular dance, like any folk art, its own fascinating history: in the XVI century at the request of the Admiral, the commander of the Korean militias, women performed this dance on the coast – the enemy Japanese troops took their dances for numerous soldiers, ready to meet the assault, and retreated.

Further, in contrast to the dance of women from the provinces, the troupe has performed “Dance of the cranes– – men’s dance of the aristocrats that celebrate the beauty and wisdom of nature and demonstrating the unity of heaven, earth and man. The dancers are calm and exciting at the same time, and their graceful movements resemble the movements of the cranes.

Breathtaking flexible bodies and unique technique of gun ownership is reflected in the “sword Dance”, exquisitely and harmoniously combining aggression and finesse. It’s a contemporary dance about the Korean folk hero, perfectly mastered martial arts to unite the country in the seventh century BC.

Further, again in contrast – a soulful lyrical duet “love Song” – dance interpretation of the famous Korean tale of a collection of love stories. The first depicts a girl’s night and her lover, enjoying his love in spite of social barriers and conventions.

A separate program room has been allocated shamanic ritual dance “Prayer”, presented in a modified version. In their prayer rituals of Korean shamans used burning candles, Smoking incense, and flowers above the altar, surrounded by bamboo trees and high pillars, surmounted by figures of birds. Part of the ritual clothing of shamans that serve as intermediaries between humans and the spirit world, are decorated with floral patterns fan, symbolizing different elements. Dance with fans – the spectacle is truly fascinating, their orderly movement in the world calls for balanced dynamics and harmony.

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The Rite: Korea - Picture 22506-29
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