The History of art. The Art Of Korea
The artistic heritage of the modern Korean art is primarily paintings on scrolls "of Joseon-Hwa" that existed for centuries. On scrolls depicting landscapes, flowers and birds; created the scrolls and…

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The Russian tourism
Based solely on personal observations during a two-week trip. 1. Korea is the safest country that I have visited. Yes and there is a suspicion that in principle one of…

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Culture, traditions and customs of Turkey. • Turkey • Asia • Countries

In Turkey the relations between the sexes have prints of Muslim traditions. Although by law women and men are equal, Turkish women in the society still occupy a secondary position. Women in Turkey are obliged to be faithful wives and caring mothers. To go to work is permitted only if the husband agree.

So far in the provinces you can meet up with polygamy. One husband in some villages may be about six spouse. In such a family the house is divided into two halves: male and female. While each wife should have their own room. The husband is obliged to give gifts and to pay attention equally to each spouse. Any woman can keep his farm, which is a kind of independence.

To go to the mosque decided to close the legs to the knees and no shoes. Women are expected to cover the head. During prayers to mosques are not supposed to not distract the faithful.

The Turks pay great attention to Muslim rituals and ceremonies. Every boy in years 7-12 is held the rite of circumcision, while his parents are preparing for this like for a great holiday. After passing the rite the boy becomes a full member of the community of Muslims.

The Turks from the age of 15 should observe the fast of Ramadan, in the days which you cannot drink, eat, and smell something pleasant. You must also refrain from anything that gives pleasure. The end of fasting is celebrated for three days.

Five times a day in Turkey hear a sharp twang. Before prayer, the believer must be pure in body and soul.

In this country it is not customary to touch the dead and to the Gentiles, to depict an animal or human, eat pork.

Traditions of a Muslim country guests may not abide, however, there are certain limitations. For example, a strange Turkish woman on a dance invite is not accepted. Also not approved the introduction of the free place at the table, if sitting in addition to men and women.

It is not customary for all to kiss. The man is not allowed to ask another man about his family. It is regarded as an insult.

New friendships always welcome the Turks. Their hospitality is particularly evident when guest is received in the house. Also in these cases there are traditions and customs. The guest must remove your shoes before going into the interior. After the host and guest will exchange greetings, the guest is usually served a Cup of coffee or tea – it is the duty of a hospitable host.

Often guests take in Turkey right in the yard, which is used according to local customs an extension of the home. Also guest can get an offer, spend time in the bath. In the Turkish baths to bathe naked is not accepted, so the skirt is constructed from towels.

Many people think that the Turks – this is the most beautiful men in the world. The Turks are very passionate and temperamental. When a woman walks into a Turkish shop . they will make promises without seeing and without buying she couldn’t get out. The Turks just adore songs and dances. Once the singer takes a note, the whole room begins to play and sing along. Pets are showered with flowers. Even here it is possible to grub up the petals, run to your favorite star and her on top of her head to pour them. This is considered quite normal.

In Turkey in the markets and in shops it is accepted to bargain, while lowering the price in two-three times. You can bargain a few hours, even decided to reduce the price to leave the store, and then back again. If the woman is cute the seller to Turku, then he can trade at a loss, then we highly invite her to the disco or to the restaurant.