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Features Thai cuisine

In recent years, exotic cuisine gained popularity. Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean and Thai restaurants are opened in Europe, America and Russia. Some visitors of these establishments gives a simple curiosity, to try unusual cuisine. While others have already become her fans and admirers. One of the inexpensive “pleasures” that can be found on the streets of Thailand — it’s food. On the streets straight from the stalls, with the motorbikes with carts immediately prepare and sell ready meals. Even if you go on a “floating” markets, right on the fry boats-soar and offer the astonished tourists exotic dishes while still hot. The geographical proximity of Thailand to China and India impact on the features in cooking in Thai cuisine. But also argued that Thais came from southern provinces of China to the shores of the Gulf of Thailand and brought with them elements of Chinese cuisine. Although this is only speculation, and elements of similarity and use the same products as is inherent, in General, in the kitchens of Asia, and each nation individually.

The main food of Thailand:

1. The main and most important ingredient, as in most Asian countries in Thailand is rice. Of all the varieties of rice most popular Thai rice is long grain “fragrant”. As Thai people love glutinous rice dark shade.

2. Rice noodles is the second staple food of Thai people. Noodles there are three types: thin rice noodles, thick and eggy. Eating fried noodles, with broth and simply cooked without broth.

3. Important role in Thai cuisine is the soup. Usually, the soup is eaten together with the second dish, it turns out that one complements the other. But not accustomed to Thai cuisine townsfolk need to be prepared that soups can be cooked not only on the basis of meat or fish broth, and on the basis of the tomato, coconut milk and sauce-curry with the addition of unripe fruit.

4. An important component of Thai dishes — it seasonings. If you ask the chef to prepare something not very sharp or even completely without some spices, the taste of the dish will be changed or even become tasteless. The only thing you can ask for a “not very acute,” the only way to avoid the Hotness dishes. The combination of the various spices used in Thai cuisine may seem strange to many. Used in Thailand, Chile, vinegar, pepper, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. In General, known for such dishes, which adds up to 40 types of spices.

5. Since Thailand is a country of sea, the fish and seafood are considered to be one of products available for all segments of the population. Fish and seafood, used in soups, fried, grilled and even in sauces.

6. From meat in Thailand give preference to pork and chicken. Usually meat prepare small skewers of grilled, used in soups with side dishes such as rice and noodles.

7. Coconut milk is a hallmark of the country. It is used in cooking all sorts of meat and fish dishes. But on an erroneous view of many coconut milk and coconut juice is not the same thing. Coconut milk is extracted from the pulp of the nut, which was first rubbed, then squeezed and the resulting liquid is already diluted with water.

8. A distinctive feature of the population of Thailand is their complete indifference to the dessert and pastry. Sweets Thais replace more than use, of various tropical fruits. When a valid low cost of ready meals in Thai families buy food on the street and eat there on the spot or in bags to take home.

But as for taste and quality criteria of food cooked on the street in comparison with the prices of directory of restaurants? It is one of the major confirmations that the food “street” is tasty, local and many tourists only eat at such places. But the price at the restaurant will be several times higher than from street vendors.

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