Korean wedding
Wedding in Korea: tradition, coupled with common sense, minus the remnants of the past and excessive sentimentality. That's how I would describe this ritual, which, according to Koreans, they must…

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Experiencing the culture of Central Asia
The Chinese culture remained a dream of their influence; on one nomadism was to occur in the steppes of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, not in Siberia. Ancient Sumerian cultural…

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Korean wedding: characteristics, traditions and rituals

Before the wedding, at the groom’s house is held a ceremony of thanksgiving, during which after all of the groom’s family will taste the treats at the holiday table, the groom kneels, folds hands, bows and says thanks to her parents.

After that, accompanied by “Wuxi”, the groom goes to the bride’s house to go through the tradition of her redemption, which for some reason many believe the original Russian. Actually the custom of redemption existed in Korea since ancient times.

The first meet the groom’s brothers, sisters, and bridesmaids, which will definitely bestow gifts, and those who are younger – sweets. Only after that the groom will be able to get into the house and easily walk to the bride’s room, where he will have to pay more serious ransom for the chance to see his darling. The size of the ransom depends on the skills of the “Wuxi” if he has the eloquence and be able to praise the groom, he may allow to pass to the bride for free.

There is another way to compete for a bride. For this groom can engage in a playful battle with his elder brother of his sweetheart. It looks pretty fun, and positive mood from this action are guaranteed to all others.

After the groom finally be reunited with the bride, all sit at the table, a place of honor which is given to the young. Parents provide useful guidance to the bride, advising all to obey her husband and be a good housekeeper and wife. Next is the process of transferring the dowry to the groom. By the way, until this moment he touch him expressly prohibited.

It’s time to go to the groom’s house, the entrance to which is prepared a bag of rice, being the main breadwinner in Korea. Stepping over the bag, the bride has not stumbled on pass prostrelennoe silk road symbolizing wealth and prosperity. To team up with his future mother-in-law and to avoid further innuendo every, girl needs to look in brought with them from home the mirror. Behind the bride carry all her dowry.

A Banquet for Korean weddings

As gifts for the wedding are envelopes with money. It’s a tradition and are replaced by gifts of money familiar to us tea sets are extremely rare. The custom of giving for the holidays only money found, incidentally, in many Asian countries.

For the musical design of the modern celebration of the wedding ceremony in Korea often invite favorite artists. Relatives of the newlyweds will also not deny myself the pleasure to sing a couple of songs in honor of the new family, and it is almost the main entertainment of the Asian holiday. And even if singers sing badly, they still will break a storm of applause from the others.

On the festive table necessarily are expensive drinks, sweets and many other various treats. Most of the foods sold in advance by the groom’s relatives to show their wealth.

Many traditions Korean wedding came from the present. Here, as in other countries, the bride throws the wedding bouquet into the crowd of his unmarried friends, and guests at the holiday table with fun shouting “Kiss!”.

Korean traditions after the wedding

The morning after the festivities the bride should get up early, to cook rice for the whole family and cleaning up. Contemporary Korean girls are very lucky, as they will remove only the apartment, but in former times the young wife had to tidy the whole house and yard.

After a time come to visit relatives of the bridegroom, each of whom the girl is supposed to get prepared in advance of gifts, which are becoming her parents.

So begins the family life of each girl and Korean, although many modern traditions pairs not observed, the major part of the Korean wedding is held also as many years ago.