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Japan is an island country located in the northwestern part of the Pacific ocean. It is located on four large Islands – the island. Honshu, the island. Hokkaido island. Shikoku…

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Culinary traditions as the basis of longevity
Every woman wants to give your family health and longevity. Important role plays the development of culinary traditions in the family. What principles should be followed in this choice? What…

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Japanese game Culture and tradition

In addition to Japanese music and anime, in the world have become much more popular Japanese games. Based on the fact that Japanese apartments and houses often are very small in size, not everyone can afford the installation of personal computer. The Japanese prefer to deal with laptops, and game consoles have become one of the most popular not only among children but also adults. Who of us does not know Japanese games for kids based on Japanese cartoon characters, or Japanese sex games for adults? In our country no less popular are the Japanese games that use on smartphones.

The main feature of gaming consoles -the impossibility of replacing individual components with newer, how do you work with an ordinary personal computer. This entails the impossibility to make a popular game with the introduction of new technologies. Japanese games are significantly different from the known American games. All the attention in the game is confined not only to the characters, graphics and the latest features. Among Japanese consumers, unlike other, completely different popular shooting games in 3D and emulators flying objects.

The greatest demand in Japan are emulators of life, different adventure games, quests. The main story of these games -love relationship. For example, the protagonist of the game, performing various tasks and passing different tests, must earn the love of a beautiful girl.

Popular Japanese hentai games that are designed for a narrower range of consumers. In these games the main character can not only fall in love with a girl, or save her. He also receives his bravery award as cohabitation with the rescued heroine and sexual relations with her. All the characters are made in anime style, and voice acting heroes are invited famous singers and actors. Japanese games in torrent may download anyone, select the game of your taste.

Another equally popular kind of games -role-playing game. Games Japanese for two began to take first place on polarity among Japanese youth. The main character can gather a team of like-minded people that has to go through various stages and out of the various adventure quests. Each member of the playing team has different skills. One has unlimited number of lives, another masterful shot from a bow, or has invulnerability. The more experience a player gains in the passing game, the more expanded abilities.

Regardless of the appearance of a large variety of gaming consoles, the Japanese inhabitants remain faithful to slot machines, which are placed in theme parks and game rooms. One of the most popular games on the machines for many years games with martial arts. The great diversity of martial arts is a great platform for the creation of such games. They are not only using technology in the martial arts. Games have unusual design, complex plot and unusual characters. Often in these games there are additional storylines related to the personal life of the protagonist and his relations with other members.

Aside from a wide variety and paired role-playing games are popular also semantic games. Many residents of the various countries of the world prefer to download the game Japanese crossword and to puzzle over the creation of beautiful drawings. Most Japanese games are built on the basis of anime and Japanese cartoons. At the moment there is a new trend-the use of games as a basis to create new stories for the anime.