Culinary traditions of Korea. Kimpap, sticks and Nantes
Koreans consider themselves happy people. Probably because Murphy's law doesn't work. Sandwiches in Korea ever oil not falling down because no oil, no them, no they are not. And Yes,…

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Amazing facts about beer
It is the most attractive to men? Mystery, innuendo, flirtation and playfulness... what would you mark out? Leadership step undoubtedly will get the mind and wit. Want to impress cute…

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Wedding traditions around the world (17 photos) – the Most interesting facts. Interesting facts. All the fun in the world

We have repeatedly talked about the wedding traditions of different countries of the world in category all about love . But this time I’ll show you the most integral traditions of different peoples of the world in this wonderful event.

1. A Pakistani wedding.

A few days before the wedding the Pakistani bride’s hands are decorated with henna designs. This is done specially, for the mehndi ceremony, rite, which according to legends was supposed to bring luck in his future family.

Korean bride and groom in traditional wedding attire. Two thousand years later there is a wedding custom according to which newlyweds in Korea dressed in hanbok, traditional Korean costume of bright colors and simple lines.

Moroccan brides usually wear ornate caftans and lots of jewelry. In Morocco the bride and all the women invited to the wedding, decorate hands with henna designs.

4. A Scottish wedding.

All men are invited to the wedding ceremony, wearing a traditional Scottish highland dress: kilts of wool plaid fabric – tartan, jackets and long socks.

5. The wedding is a Yoruba (Nigeria ).

During the wedding ceremony of Yoruba, before driving the bride, hidden under a veil, the groom and his friends prostrate themselves before members of the family of the bride.

6. Bolivian wedding.

Wedding dinner on the shore of lake Titicaca in Bolivia. With the heads of the bride and groom haven’t showered confetti and flower petals, which showered them during the wedding ceremony.

At the wedding in the States unmarried girls traditionally throw the bride’s bouquet. It is believed that the one who catches the coveted bouquet, will soon also get married.

Japanese couple during the traditional ceremony, during which they must drink 9 cups of sake. The picture was taken at a Shinto Shrine.

9. The Chinese wedding.

In China the bride bring the groom’s parents in a traditional red wedding carriage.

10. Mass wedding in Punjab, India.

Mass weddings in India ease the families financial burden, which entail the collection of traditional dowry and the organization of costly the wedding ceremony. The bride dressed in white dresses instead of the traditional Indian red wedding dress, because girls belong to Christian communities of the Punjab.

11. French wedding.

On photo French wedding cake Croquembouche, which is a majestic tower of cream cakes.

12. Mexican wedding.

The bride and her parents are preparing to make the wedding a procession through the streets of a small Mexican town.

13. Uyghur wedding.

Uighur bride prepare for the wedding two dresses: a white wedding dress in Western style for the gala dinner, which takes place on the first day of the wedding, and the traditional Uyghur outfit for the second day of the wedding, during which she welcomed the guests as a married woman.

14. Wedding in Afghanistan.

Afghan men dance to the rhythms of the Armenian drum dhol in the street in the centre of Jalalabad. And Afghan women are often celebrating the wedding separately, without leaving home.

15. Wedding in Malaysia.

The bride and groom during the wedding tea ceremony is traditionally brought tea to senior family members. The picture was taken in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

16. The Russian wedding.

The newlyweds released two white doves as a sign of their love and consent. The picture was taken in St. Petersburg.

17. Not quite a traditional wedding in Macau.