PA Tea
PA Tea, Bitchy or PA Chai Vue ( Vwj Paj Cai . Puas Cai Vue . Batchai ) — the leader of the Hmong during the uprising against the French…

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Japanese game Culture and tradition
In addition to Japanese music and anime, in the world have become much more popular Japanese games. Based on the fact that Japanese apartments and houses often are very small…

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Unusual sexual rituals

Almost all adults think they know everything about sex. However, this article will dispel a bit of your confidence in sexual knowledge. We will discuss the most neobyknovennyh rituals that exist in some countries. They seem unusual and strange to us, but as the proverb says: “tastes differ”.

Mysterious Africa

In East Africa, home to the baganda tribe. Members of this tribe believe that sex is on agricultural land significantly increases the fertility of the earth. The principal agricultural tribe is the plantain. In order to increase the yield of plantain is chosen the couple – parents of twins. Sexual ceremony is held on the field. The woman lies back and puts in a vagina a flower of the plantain. The task of the husband to get the flower without the aid of hands. Natives believe, if the ritual is done quickly and well, the harvest will be high.

Hospitable Kamchatka

In Kamchatka (Russia) there is an unusual for Europeans of sexual ritual. In some villages of Chukchi and eskimo is considered honorable, if a guest enters into an intimate relationship with the wife of the owner. Also, if after that a woman can get pregnant, this successful event celebrated by the entire village. This tradition has a scientific basis. The fact is that smaller tribes are unwittingly doomed to incest, as many are blood relatives. And the connection with a stranger helps to refresh the gene pool and protect the future generation from various diseases that may arise from the incest.

Unpredictable Japan

As a rule, we perceive the Japanese business, Prim and very busy people. However, every rule has exceptions. In Japan there is a sexual ritual celebrating fertility. On this day, men dressed in unusual costumes. The main attribute of each outfit is a huge penis. All members of the male allowed in that day to race for the women, shouting obscene phrases.

Women of the rising sun is also not deprived of the opportunity to have fun. For them, invented the festival of the vagina. This show attracts a large audience. They come to see the parade, during which the streets are carrying an enlarged model of the female vagina. Sitting inside layout actress periodically throws into the crowd of cakes of rice.

Tibet – honesty relative

In accordance with the sexual rites of Tibet any decent girl should have at least ten sexual partners before marriage. Especially appreciated is the girl with bilteks a foreigner.

South America – the experience is well worth it

Sexual ritual of the men of the tribe of Cahaba which lives in South America, is that they can start a family only after you lose your virginity to the older woman of the tribe. Although the woman in age is considered to be experienced and can not get pregnant, some young people do not like this tradition. They often run away into the jungle before the wedding waiting for the bride you not find.