Amazing facts about beer
It is the most attractive to men? Mystery, innuendo, flirtation and playfulness... what would you mark out? Leadership step undoubtedly will get the mind and wit. Want to impress cute…

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National food of Japan
Headquarters intellectual property strategy of the Japanese government unveiled a plan to create "brand of Japan" (Japan brand) for export products of Japanese fashion and Japanese dishes of national cuisine.…

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Traditions and customs

Tourists first of all amazes a unique synthesis of modernity and traditions. The maze of ancient houses with tiled roofs and slender skyscrapers with first-class hotels do not disharmonious, and complement each other. And such exciting, enchanting spectacle of the national celebrations of the different peoples of Asia and Europe. exactly, not to see in any country of the world.

In Singapore there are very strict rules concerning the rules of conduct.

Clear and located everywhere the signs explain how to behave. For example, thrown in the wrong place litter You will be fined 500 Singapore dollars, and for repeated violation can land you in jail for Smoking in premises – 500. Riding in a car without a seat belt also face a fine. For found, even a small amount of drugs – the death penalty.

Here you can practice any religion, but are prohibited from gambling and even chewing gum. Singapore personal freedoms of citizens are limited, but here the low crime rate in the world.

The decision of the authorities of Singapore, from 1 may 2001, all dogs that are with their owners or illegally delivered in the country, must be implanted under the skin microchips with stored animal veterinary passports. The introduction of this measure, in the opinion of management of Veterinary and agricultural Commission of Singapore, should lead to a reduction in the risk of different infectious diseases.

In conversations with Singaporeans, keep in mind that they are proud of their state and tend not to emphasize their ethnicity, so to the question: “Who are you – Chinese or Malay?”, the tourist can receive a dignified response: “a Singaporean”.

In Singapore are very low prices for many goods, especially on video audio equipment, electronics, watches. However, to bargain here is not only an art, a necessity, a custom, but also a pleasure. It’s Asia! Price manage to shoot down almost half, maybe more, and not only in a small Chinatown shop, but also in the world trade centre. The goods here are mostly Japanese, so-called “Golden original”, that is, all components from Japan, only the Assembly of the Singapore.

In some temples (often in mosques) hang warning signs. There will need to stand in a certain place, women are forbidden in mini-skirts and dresses with the neckline, the head also must be covered, men are not allowed in shorts. Before the doors of the mosque must remove their shoes before entering the house of a Muslim.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere in Chinese temples, people pray wherever they want, holding in his hands the incense sticks that sell in the temple court. Recommend to get permission for photos and video. In Hindu temples the movement too. The ceremony, held at a certain time, are accompanied by music. Before entering you must remove your shoes.

You should pay attention to the fact that Asians rarely discuss personal matters and never Express their emotions publicly.

In Singapore without any fear you can leave your money, belongings and documents anywhere – they are not stolen. The crime rate in this country is extremely low: in the only prison of the island sitting almost only the violators of traffic rules.

Singapore is an island dream of adherents of high morals: from movies, books, magazines cut-scenes even approximately sexual or violent nature. Violence, like sex, is here associated with the social morality, especially the principles of youth education.

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Japan is an island country located in the northwestern part of the Pacific ocean. It is located on four large Islands – the island. Honshu, the island. Hokkaido island. Shikoku…


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Emigration to Asia (Asia Emigration) from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. Services immigration lawyer in Dnepropetrovsk. Our long experience of cooperation with foreign companies allows us to provide legal assistance for emigration abroad.…

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