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Culinary traditions as the basis of longevity

Every woman wants to give your family health and longevity. Important role plays the development of culinary traditions in the family. What principles should be followed in this choice? What recipes of cuisine to take for a basis?

By results of researches, the healthy is recognized as the kitchen of Japan. Just think, obesity affects only 1.5% of Japanese. In this country the average age of life is as much as 82 years. National Japanese cooking uses recipes with all kinds of cabbage. Cabbage eaten any: both leaf and broccoli. On the plate it is supplemented by fish and soybean dishes. For the Japanese the main source of carbohydrates is noodles made from buckwheat flour, is rich in trace elements.

The cuisine of Singapore also brings health and harmony to its adherents. The basis of cookery – recipes of rice dishes. Also the menu includes a massive amount of fish and vegetables. The average life Singapore residents is 82 years, as in Japan. While obesity sick only 1.8% of Singapore’s residents. The meat in this tradition is not often served on the table. Sweet locals prefer tropical fruits or low-calorie desserts.

For residents of Singapore, rice is not just food. They put in recipes of rice dishes main secrets of longevity. In Singapore we are convinced that rice is the core of human nutrition. Strung on him like the other components of the diet. Among them – vegetarian soups, pickled vegetables, fried fish. Rice is used as a garnish and in the function of bread.

Extremely useful is the cuisine of China. The recipes are mostly Chinese dishes include legumes and vegetables. Fruit, whole grains, ginger and garlic meet on a daily basis on the table of the Chinese. From the spices they prefer herbs, roots and spices. The average age of Chinese people today is 73 years. Overweight suffer of 1.8% of Chinese due to her interest in fried food.

And what about the Europeans? One of the best diets in the world – the Swedes. Because of the climate here will not find the abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, the recipes include high-quality dairy products. They served black bread, berries and fish is the staple. The average Swede lives to 81 years. Full beyond measure is considered only 11% of Swedish citizens.

Fans of “useful harmful” should refer to the cuisine of France. National recipes are generous with the baking and extra calories. What is one love of the French for meat, chocolate and cheese! However, in France weigh in excess of only 6.6 per cent of the indigenous population. On average, the French live to 81 years. The secret of their health and longevity is frequent meals. The French eat small portions, but more often other peoples. Fried in fat foods (fast food) they prefer the grill. Also in favor pastries, poached, boiled and braised dishes.

In the kitchen you can feel free to combine different recipes from around the world. It is not necessary to abandon the usual products to gain longevity. Just enough to cook them properly!

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