Your opinion: Features of development of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America in the first half of the 20th century
he countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America — the way of development in the 20th century Most of the countries of Asia and Africa in the early 20th century…

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Israel on the world map: Europe and Euro-Asia
The countries of Western Europe are the most ancient and natural trading partner of Israel. The creation in 1975 of the mutual free trade area with the European Community led…

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The History of art. The Art Of Korea

The artistic heritage of the modern Korean art is primarily paintings on scrolls “of Joseon-Hwa” that existed for centuries. On scrolls depicting landscapes, flowers and birds; created the scrolls and the philosophical theme “man and nature”; to the end of the 18th century domestic paintings (painter Kim Hong-Do).

Oil painting penetrated into Korea relatively recently — in the 30-ies of our century — and developed only after the formation of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic. The creation of a democratic state in North Korea brought to life and many other arts that didn’t exist previously, — a sculpture, a political cartoon, a propaganda poster.

Painting “of Joseon-Hwa” is preserved in its finest classical forms (Lee Seok-Ho, “Sunflower”, 1957; Chen Jung-E — “Village may”, coloured ink, 1958) and at the same time, as in China, goes beyond genres. Works such as “Rest in the fields of the cooperative” To Kim Bitch (1957), “Rich harvest” If the Phal Chan (1958), “Dance”, Kim Yong Jun (1957), talk about the joys of free labor, the wisdom and spiritual beauty of the peasants, the originality and the exciting rhythms of folk dances. An important motif in the artist’s traditional style is a transition from abstract landscapes to the Scripture of nature from nature (The Ladies of Saint Continue reading

The new 7 wonders of nature

A competition to identify the most ambitious of the seven natural wonders of the planet started already in December 2007. Announcement of winners took place on 11 November 2011. The definition of the new wonders of nature have occurred through the world of voting, in which took part more than 100 million people from different countries. Despite the conventions, which involved a competition, the new 7 wonders of nature defined.

Amazon and the Amazon jungle

The world’s largest river in affluent, length and size of the pool. Flows through the territory of 9 countries. At the confluence of the Atlantic ocean, the Amazon river forms the largest Delta in the world, where there is also the world’s largest river island can be reached. The river basin area is equal to the area of Australia. The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world and occupies half of the total area of all tropical forest Land. Extremely high biological diversity of these forests, for example, on one square kilometer 150 000 species of plants.

Details about this wonder of the world in our article — the Amazon River

Halong Bay, Vietnam

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